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Let's set the record straight
May, 7

Shri Paswan's Marriage of Convenience

Mr Ram Vilas Paswan has been an ardent critic of the BJP and Mr Modi for the last 12 years. He called the BJP the Bharat Jalao Party. He found Mr Modi guilty of the Gujarat riots and of atrocities committed against Dalits. He demanded Mr Modi resign and found him unfit to govern. Yet today, Mr Paswan can be found sharing ladoos with BJP President Rajnath Singh and forging an alliance with the BJP and Mr Modi. Mr Paswan has clearly entered into a marriage of convenience. Mr Paswan, where are your principles? And what will happen once the mithai has been eaten?

May, 5

Shri Modi's Criminal Candidates

Shri Modi declares that there is no space for criminals in Parliament. He seems to have forgotten about Brij Bhushan Saran Singh. Mr Singh is the BJP candidate for Kaiserganj. Mr Singh who according to CBI records allegedly harboured Dawood Ibrahim's gunmen. Gunmen who later shot three people at the JJ Hospital in Mumbai in September 1992. Perhaps, Mr Modi needs reminding. Or perhaps, he is not concerned about whether words match reality.

May, 3

The Real Modi+Adani Story

News report after report documents the Modi - Adani relationship. Business Standard writes of the acres that Modi gave Adani at rock bottom rates. Live Mint reports on all the legal regulations Mod helped Adani skirt. The Daily Star shows Modi's reliance on Adani's jet for campaigning. Forbes writes of how Modi in his role as a 'favourite uncle' attended Adani's son's wedding. DNA tells of how Adani's fortune jumped under Modi's rule, from $765 million in 2002 to $8.8 billion in 2013. The Hindustan Times reports the 23% rise in Adani's shares since Modi became a prime ministerial candidate. The partnership between Mr Modi and Mr Adani is one where Modi has extended benefits to Adani over all other industrialists and industry at high cost to the Gujarati taxpayer. And Adani has returned the favour in his generous support for Modi's campaign. The facts show that Mr Modi's only model of business is the Modani Model. And that the price is being paid by the people of Gujarat.

May, 1

Trinamool Capsizes Bengal's Economy

CM Mamata Banerjee and her Finance Minister Amit Mitra came in to power saying they would turn around West Bengal's economy. But their policies have only made the economic situation worse. They blame others for the state's debt but what have they done with the funds of Rs 75101.38 crore allocated by the UPA and the crores in investment offered by industry? Unable to use the Center's money and unable to provide an environment that can retain investment, the Trinamool has created conditions with such high debt and high unemployment that they are not compared to the Greek government in their financial ineptitude.

April, 28

Modinomics: Pro-Industry or Pro-Adani?

Mr Modi has given Mr Adani 15,946.32 acres of land for Rs 1 to Rs 32 per sq m, waiving aside all rules and regulations. In comparison to this Rs 1, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, TCS, Ford India and Torrent Power have paid between 670 to 6,000 times more per sq m. Gujarat Government reports state that other than the Adani Group, no company has been given land at such throwaway prices. Under Mr Modi's rule, Mr Adani's fortunes have flourished, rising from $765 million in 2002 to $8.8 billion in 2013. Is this Mr Modi's definition of being pro-business and pro-market? Economists describe such actions - denying the right to competitive bidding and giving favours to just one industrialist as crony capitalism. Is Mr Modi truly pro-business or is he just pro-Adani?

April, 27

Akali-BJP Corruption in Punjab

Punjab CM Badal says that "'No Lokpal can eradicate corruption from this country." He knows what he's talking about. His own family is referred to as Badal Inc for their investments in the hotel and transport sectors. Two of his ministers and an MLA stand accused of corruption. A former finance minister of the state declares that "Punjab is the most corrupt state in the country. The people looting the state are being actively shielded by the ministers." No wonder CM Badal mocks the Lokpal Bill.

April, 25

The Akali-BJP Drug Racket in Punjab

In 2012, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of growing drug abuse in Punjab. The Akali-BJP state government dismissed his statement but today the very same ministers in the Punjab government have been named in the Rs 700 crore drugs racket which has destroyed the youth of Punjab. 75% of all youth in the state are addicts and 65% of all families are affected, wrecking lakhs of lives and the very fabric of Punjab itself. Does Punjab deserve a government like this?

April, 23

Madhya Pradesh: The Photoshop Model

In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP and its Chief Minister claim that they have set the 'bimaru' state on track. But the BJP has been unable to deliver on its own top three priority areas - bijlee, sadak, pani. Their development indicators remain among the worst in the country. So much so that the CM is having to photoshop growth in his state with pictures of sadak from the Delhi-Kolkata highway and khet from Iran.

April, 19

UPA vs. NDA Economic Report Card

The opposition says that India's growth has stopped under UPA. Let's look at the facts: The NDA took India's GDP from $423.2 billion 1998 to $617.6 billion in 2003. In contrast, UPA 1 (2004 - 2009) took the GDP from $617.7 billion to a phenomenal $1,224.1 billion - Doubling our GDP. During UPA 2, despite a tough global economic environment, GDP grew from $1,224.1 billion to 1,841.7 billion by the end of 2013. Under the UPA Government's helm, India's economy has tripled in the last 10 years. The numbers speak for themselves. This is the UPA report card.

April, 18

Democracy: The Modi Interpretation

Stalling parliament, blocking bills, preventing debates. Modi's version of democracy in Gujarat includes a Vidhan Sabha that only sits 29 days a year and the suspension of those who dare to raise questions. Mathrubhumi newspaper calls it the 'Modi'fication of democracy. The result: a Chief Minister whose budget, portfolios and ministers are above institutions and process, which have been relegated to mere ritual.

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