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February, 28

Who is a Nationalist: Students fighting a fascist Govt, or the BJP, which is harbouring ISI spies?

Who is a true Nationalist? Is the one who is peacefully protesting against an unjust Government trying to subvert the voices of its people, or is it those who are abusing, fighting, threatening & spreading fear? The Finance Minister, Shri ArunJaitley said that there is an alliance of subversion in the Indian Campuses. But, the question arises what are they subverting? Is it the Indian State or its people? The answer is, ‘No’. They are subverting the Fascist principles, which are deeply set into the functioning of the current Union Government. 

To justify the violence by their storm-troopers in the ABVP, the BJP leadership has come out trying to say that it is against those who are for the secession of India. It is important for them to understand that there is no one who stands for the break-up of India. And it is up to the Courts to decide whether any speech violates the safeguards placed by the Constitution. Nowhere in our courts are we allowed to engage in violence against our fellow citizens. A fact that always seems to elude the violence mongers of the ABVP and the BJP, who are incapable of engaging in a coherent debate. 

What is even more worrying is the inaction by the Police. The violence was possible because the students of the ABVP knew that the Delhi Police will be merely silent bystanders. This is what emboldened people to try and intimidate by the use of violence and force. 

If you look at the last 33 months, you will see that the ABVP has been attacking all students who have dared to speak against the many injustices of this Government. This also represents an anxiety of the BJP and ABVP to prove something. The Economy is in dire condition. Dalits are being attacked. There are no jobs for our youths. Our brave jawans are sacrificing their lives while Modi Government invites ISI to visit the Pathankot Airbase. It is for the people to decide who is acting against the nation, the man making false promises to get votes in elections, or the Indian students who are encouraged to think. 

When the ABVP is devoid of anything that even resembles an argument, they simple scream, “Anti National.” Yet, who are the true anti-nationals? Reports have surfaced from BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh that members of the BJP IT Cell are allegedly working for Pakistan’s ISI. While BJP makes a great show of being nationalists, their members are selling our national security to the highest bidder. This is the true face of BJP. 

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