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March, 14

BJP’s Mantra: If you can’t win elections, use money to buy power

What determines the election verdict? It is the votes of the people. In the election booth, all Indians are the same. There we all have the same voice. There we all have the same power. In the recently concluded State Elections, 3 out 5 states – Punjab, Goa & Manipur, had a clear mandate in favour of the Congress party. We respect the decision of the people in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand. But, in Manipur and Goa the BJP has stolen people’s mandate by using money power. 

The Indian National Congress is the single largest party in the States of Goa and Manipur, yet the BJP, misusing the power of the Governor, has staked a claim to form Governments in both. As we have seen in other States, when the BJP can’t get the people’s mandate, they resort to using their money power to wrest MLAs away from the largest parties. 

Democracy is the corner stone of any Nation. Free and fair elections, so that every Indian has a voice. But, what the BJP Government has done, under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Amit Shah, is to completely subvert this. Now, it doesn’t matter to the BJP what the voice of the people is, they will simply use their extensive resources to ensure that they have the numbers to form the Government. Whilst in power, the BJP doesn’t or indeed can’t do anything except steal from the people, like in the Coal Mines scam, kill people, like in the Vyapam Scam, or ensure that Human Development Indices are middling at best, like in Gujarat. 

For the BJP, which has a systematic penchant for events, elections are what they employ all their energies in. Making false promises, polarising the electorate, bringing political rhetoric to the gutter level and then employing money and muscle power to defeat opponents - the BJP has refined this into an art form. 

Yet, they should be warned. The people are never to be taken for granted. The real strength of India is her people, and the BJP has wronged them, at their own risk. 

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