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July, 11

Who is responsible for the attack on Amarnath Yatris?


Terror strikes again in Jammu and Kashmir, and this time it is targeted at the pilgrims of the Amarnath Yatra. In a horrific attack last night, 7 Tirthyatris from Gujarat were killed and dozens injured as they were travelling by bus near Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir. This is the second time that Amarnath Yatris have been attacked in Kashmir, the last time being in 2000. Where was our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi? Where was his 56 inch chest? Why were these Hindu pilgrims allowed to be killed?

Reports have come out that the Government had intelligence reports about these attacks, and it chose to do nothing. On whose shoulders should we place this blame, the BJP Government in New Delhi or the BJP-PDP Government in Srinagar? There are still many questions as to how this happened. Even during the height of militancy during the 1990s, the Amarnath Yatris were never targeted. There were the occasional threats, but it never materialised, save for that horrific day in 2000, when another BJP Government in the Centre was incapable to safeguard the lives of Hindu pilgrims.

This attack from Pakistan-sponsored terrorists on the Amarnath Yatris comes a few weeks after the Chinese had blocked the paths of Mansarovar Yatris. How did this come to pass? Supporters of PM Modi keep boasting of his visionary foreign policy, but what has India achieved? We are more isolated in our region than ever before. A belligerent China is glaring at us from the East, and the mishandling of Kashmir, and the incompetence of the PM has turned it into a war-like zone, with regular attacks, curfews, protests, and acts of brutality.

India needs a leader. India needs leadership. All we are getting from the current Government is confusion, photo-ops and fake news. In contrast to the Prime Minister enjoying his foreign trips or Union Ministers enjoying Chinese Hospitality, Rahul Gandhi personally met with the Chinese ambassador, former NSA and other leaders from the North East States to be apprised of the situation, and provided advice as necessary. Of course, the trolls owing their affinity to the BJP tried to twist and contort this. This was born out of their insecurity that the BJP Prime Minister has turned out to be weak and incapable.

In every turn in these last three years, the PM has failed to act in the best interests of the Indian people. From mismanaging the situation in Kashmir, to attacks on Dalits, exploitation of Farmers and the snatching away of Rights of labourers; Modi Ji and his followers have carried out a covert war on the common man in India. It has taken courage from Rahul Gandhi to stand against the BJP and its leader. To fight for the rights of the common people, those who are most easily ignored by the Prime Minister. And unlike the BJP, who will forget those pilgrims massacred in Anantnag, Congress will not forget them. Congress will fight for them to ensure that no pilgrims are attacked in India furthermore.

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