Modi is destroying our Democracy to protect Adani

Democracy does not die by a single fatal blow. It dies instead by a thousand small cuts inflicted upon its being. Over the past 9 years, the Modi Government, guided by the RSS and a handful of industrialists, have inflicted thousands of cuts on our democracy. They have bought and silenced the Media, they have viciously attacked anyone who challenges them, they have imprisoned ordinary citizens who question them, they have made a mockery of elected mandates and they have throttled Parliament.

The deepest cut however came this month when the RSS-Modi regime used the lowest trickery to remove Shri Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha. The accusation against Shri Rahul Gandhi is laughable, the trial was a farce, the sentence was a politically motivated one and then his hasty disqualification from Parliament without giving him an opportunity to appeal was a gross miscarriage of justice and a brutal attack on India’s democracy.

The reason for this attack is clear. Shri Rahul Gandhi exposed the nefarious nexus between the Modi Government and the plunder of India’s assets undertaken by the Adani group. He demanded answers and a proper investigation that would hold to account those responsible for the loot of India’s wealth. In their desperate attempts to silence Shri Rahul Gandhi, they first tried to stop him from speaking in Parliament and when that did not work, they conspired to illegally evict him from Parliament.

The Modi Government will soon find out that this time they have over played their hand. For one thing they have challenged an opponent who knows no fear. Modi ji thinks that by attacking Shri Rahul Gandhi, removing him from Parliament and even making him vacate his home, they can silence his voice. Shri Rahul Gandhi learnt the lessons of sacrifice and fearlessness very early in his life from his family. The attacks of cowardly bullies mean nothing to him. The other thing that Modi ji does not realize is that the people of India do not listen to Shri Rahul Gandhi simply because he is a Member of Parliament. They connect, love and listen to Shri Rahul Gandhi because they know that he speaks the Truth and everything he does is in the interest of the Indian people. Shri Rahul Gandhi will continue to command the love and attention of the masses irrespective of whether he is an MP or not.

The Modi-RSS-Adani Government has revealed its complete disregard of democracy and its intent to demolish the Constitution. It is the sacred duty of every Indian to stand up and join Shri Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Party in this battle to defend democracy.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.