Farmers nowhere on the government’s Agenda

Rajendera Fri, 16 Jun 2017

Farmers nowhere on the government’s Agenda

The farmer agitation ravaging various parts of the country is legal and justified. My support is with them. It is the right of the farmers to raise their voice against injustice and means to improve it is their right. Because of the policies of the government, the farmers have been forced to come on to the roads. Possibly, this can be the start of dissatisfaction among the agitating farmers. The patience of the farmers has exhausted countrywide. In every state of the country, the condition of both rich and poor farmers is not good. You cannot find a happy and prosperous farmer in any part of the country. Every farming season brings a bundle of problems and debts for the farmers. But, I appeal to the farmers not to indulge in violence. To get your demands fulfilled, adopt peaceful ways to agitate. The administration also has to take affective measure in dealing with the demands of the farmers. The government should also have to devise immediate and long term measures. Because of blind pursuit of globalization, the right of the farmers has been shelved.

Not fulfilling subsidy and concession by the government, the farmer seems to feel cheated. There is no role of farmers in deciding minimum support price. They are not even getting facilities like market place, godowns or power and water for irrigation in enough quantity. The reasons for concern of farmers could be many but the present cause of restlessness is mostly due to the failure of the government.


Rajendra Singh

(Magsaysay Award Winner)