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Modiji is boasting of daw ning a new India but is shooting the (food-givers) Annadata dead for demanding relief: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi : At least five farmers were shot dead on June 6 at a protest in Mandausar, Madhya Pradesh, during the farmers’ strike demanding a loan waiver. Several others with injured. A curfew was imposed in Mandausar and surrounding areas including Pipla Mandi that were epicentres of the protest. Protestors set ablaze two buses and one tempo. According to the media reports, that’s when the firing started. A clash broke out between protestors, the police and the CRPF, and the firing was resorted to try and stop the farmers.

What adds insult to injury is the government’s claim that it doesn’t know who fired the bullets.

State Home Minister said neither the police nor the CRPF fired at the crowd. But the government has no alternative explanation for where the bullets came from. The collector has said that the police did not have clearance to fire at agitating farmers under any circumstances so the police neither fired nor ordered anyone else to fire.

Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi’s poignant tweet after the farmers’ reported death evoked a chain reaction of condemnation of the incident from divergent quarters. Shri Gandhi tweeted that Modiji is boasting of dawning a new India but shooting the food givers (Annadata) dead for demanding relief. “The government is at war with farmers,” Shri Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

The farmers’ strike saw incidents of violence from its first day, with clashes between the police and protestors, and delivery trucks being set on fire. The strike began on June 1 in Maharashtra, with farmers dumping produce and milk on the street to demand debt forgiveness and better prices for their produce. The strike has since spread to Madhya Pradesh. Both states are governed by the BJP.

The data from the National Crime Records Bureau show that from last February to mid-February this year, at least 1,982 farmers and farm labourers committed suicide in MP, an average of one suicide every five hours.