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Act of Fraud, Not Act of God

The economic tsunami that Rahul Gandhi warned India about is here. Our economy has collapsed and with it brought unimaginable suffering for our people. The GDP has declined by almost 24% in the months of April, May and June. 12 crore people have been left unemployed. These are not simply numbers. It means that our earnings as a nation have shrunk by one-fourths. It means that if last year we had Rs. 100 to spend on the welfare of the poor, compensation for our farmers, development of our country and strengthening of our armed forces, this year we will have only Rs. 75. It means that 12 crore youth and families are being cheated, their dreams are being crushed, their future is being thrust into uncertainty and they are left wondering as to how they will feed their families, educate their children and care for their elderly parents!

The Modi government has decided to blame God for this crisis. The Finance Minister has called this crisis ‘an Act of God’. This statement is unforgivable for at least two reasons. First, when the country is in a crisis, when people are becoming increasingly desolate and hopeless, rather than shoring up their morale by taking responsibility and announcing concrete steps to fix the problem, the government has instead chosen to say that there is nothing it can do, we are now at the mercy of the Lord. The second reason why this statement is unpardonable is that it is a lie. Corona may well have been sent to us by nature but the economic disaster that has followed is purely made by Modi. Thanks to the monumental foolishness of demonetization, a flawed GST and an anti-poor economic policy, the GDP growth had already declining for the last 8 quarters, that is 2 full years. Then came Modiji’s panicked, dramatic and unnecessarily strict lockdown. This utterly shattered the economy. After this came the refusal to listen to good advice by economists and Congress leaders and transfer money directly to the poor. Instead, Modiji’s jumla relief package helped only a few of his wealthy friends. As a result, relief did not reach where it was needed the most and where it could have done the most to restore the economy. The final result is that India has the dubious distinction of having the economy that has been damaged the most by Covid. No other economy in the World has suffered this badly and the credit for this monumental tragedy goes solely to the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, the Modi-RSS agenda of wiping out the poor and shutting out all opposition continuous unabated. The latest attack on the poor is a set of ordnances designed to reshape Indian agriculture. These laws will transfer the control of Indian farms from farmers to large industrialists. Our farmers will be transformed from independent owners and producers to servants at the mercy of large corporations. The farmers who have come out on the streets to protest these acts have been mercilessly beaten and jailed by BJP governments.

In Delhi, the central government in partnership with the state government, is making a mockery of freedom of speech and the justice system. Democracy works when everyone is allowed a voice. This right of every person to dissent and speak their minds is protected in our Constitution. The RSS and the Modi Government have never believed in this. They therefore used the police to hound and intimidate those who raised a voice against the CAA-NRC laws. While BJP leaders who openly threatened the police, insulted the Constitution and incited mobs to violence roam free, students, women and citizens who peacefully and constitutionally protested against the Government are being targeted with laws reserved for terrorists.

A collapsing Country, the rich becoming richer, the poor having their blood sucked out of them and all those who raise a voice being hounded to silence, is what we are gifted with by the ruling government. There is no difference between this government and the British. It is the patriotic duty of every Indian to uproot this Government. 

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.