Kheti Bachao Rally

Cs logo Tue, 27 Oct 2020

Kheti Bachao Rally

Another month, another attack
on the soul of the Nation

A daughter of India was brutally raped, mangled and murdered in Hathras. That Yogi Adityanath has reduced the state of Uttar Pradesh to a Jungle Raj, where such heinous crimes are tragically common, is itself an unpardonable sin. But what followed the crime, has set new standards for how low a government can stoop to in the treatment of its own people. When a daughter of India endured such brutal treatment because of her caste and gender, the first duty of the government was to do its best to help and heal the victim, the family and society. Far from helping the victims of this crime, the Yogi Government attacked them in a shameless attempt to preserve its own image.

Local doctors referred the girl to AIIMS so that she could get the best possible treatment. The administration took her to Safdarjang instead, where she sadly breathed her last. What happened next left the entire nation in shock. Instead of taking the body home to the family, the UP administration burnt the body in the middle of the night, without allowing anyone from the family to be present. Her mother wept because she was not allowed to see her daughter one last time and the country wept with her. The horror did not end there. The UP Government then denied that the girl was ever raped and even hired a PR agency to spread this lie. The girl’s family and her entire village were placed under house arrest by the UP police so that the truth could not come out. When administration made arrests under pressure, the local BJP politicians made it clear that they stood not with the victims but with the perpetrators of this crime.

Such is the arrogance of the UP Government that they attempted to stop Rahul ji and Priyanka ji from visiting the aggrieved family and even stooped so low as to man-handle our leaders to keep them from reaching the family. It is a matter of tremendous pride and inspiration for Congress workers around the Country that Rahul ji and Priyanka ji refused to be cowed down or intimidated by these goons. They reached the family in Hathras and on behalf of the entire Congress family conveyed to them the message that they will never be alone in their struggle for justice and dignity.

The other attack on the Nation’s soul this month was in the form of the farm bills that the government bulldozed through Parliament. Farming is not just another industry or economic sector. It is the soul of rural Indian society. Through these bills, the government wants to ensure that every last inch of Indian society is handed over to its few favoured friends. These bills will reduce the farmer to a slave working on his own land, place the consumer at the mercy of large food companies and destroy rural India. The Congress will not allow this to happen.

Meanwhile, the news on the economic and the development front continues to be grim. The IMF predicts that Bangladesh will soon overtake India in terms of GDP per person and India is one of the worst performing Countries in terms of human development indicators. ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’.

In these dark times, let us take inspiration from the example that Rahul ji and Priyanka ji set for us in Hathras. Both, their courage in the face of police brutality and their compassion in the way they embraced the family as their own is a guiding light to Congress workers around the Country.

Jai Hind. Jai Congress. Jai Jagat.