The Tragedy at Galwan

Cs logo Tue, 30 Jun 2020

The Tragedy at Galwan

The price paid by our soldiers when national security is managed for the Prime Minister’s image

Over the past several weeks, China encroached upon Indian territory, provoked skirmishes with our soldiers and finally on June 15th, Galwan, Ladhak,  martyred Col. Babu and 19 other of our brave jawans in a manner that makes the blood of every Indian boil. China has not dared to take an Indian life since 1975. What then gave them the audacity to conduct such a brutal attack now?

To understand why Galwan happened, we must first go back and understand what happened in Doklam in 2017 and the message that Modi ji has sent to China. Here in simple terms is what happened in Doklam. China entered an area called Doklam that is in Bhutan but which India has committed to protect. Doklam is strategically vital and overlooks India’s narrow corridor to the North-East. It was not the first time when China tried this. China tried this in 1967 in Nathu La, in 1986 in Sum Dorong Chu Valley, Arunachal Pradesh and in 2013 in the Depsang Valley in Ladakh. They have been repulsed by our armed forces every time.

But this time was different. It started building infrastructure there. India protested and our troops confronted them. Finally, China stopped the building of infrastructure but has subsequently reentered Doklam and has refused to leave since. This is like a thief occupying your land and putting up a tent there. When you protest, the thief takes down the tent but refuses to leave your land. Would you be satisfied till the thief was off your land? Obviously not. But Modi ji declared that he had won because China was no longer constructing infrastructure, no problem if they remain in Doklam! Modi ji was so desperate to show that ‘All is Well’ that within months, with no apology or explanation from the Chinese, he gave up his self-respect and was swinging on jhoolas with the people who occupied Doklam.

Why does Modi ji do this? Because Modi ji’s only interest is protecting and projecting his own image. He is afraid that the price that has to be paid for standing up for our self-respect will be bad for his image. And so, rather than fight for what is ours, he prefers to lie. He said that the Chinese did nothing wrong and let them keep the land in Doklam.

This emboldened the Chinese. They now believe that they can steal India’s land and kill Indian soldiers at will and Modi ji, out of fear of damaging his image, will deny that anything is wrong, instead of standing up to them. In Galwan they not only took our land but for the first time since 1975, they also brutally murdered our soldiers. Unfortunately, the PM has reacted exactly as the Chinese wanted him to. He has now said that there are no Chinese on our land. So according to Modi ji, Galwan and Pangong were never ours. So rather than confronting China for stealing our lands, the PM is saying that Galwan never belonged to us in the first place.

This is an insult to the martyred soldiers, our armed forces and the Nation. Our martyred soldiers have left us with an invaluable lesson. They have shown us that there is no greater victory than confronting the aggressor and defending India’s dignity, even when it demands the highest sacrifice. With folded hands, we must request the Prime Minister to embrace the example they have set and be fearless in the defence of the dignity of ‘Bharat Mata’.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.