Indian National Congress
Sonia 20gandhi Mon, 05 Dec 2016

Save Democracy from Vandalisation

We all have gathered here to send a strong message. The message should be so loud and clear that the people would listen and understand it properly, whether they are sitting in Raisina Hills should or in Nagpur at whose instance the Modi government is being run. I want to tell these people in an unambiguous term that you may try to destroy democracy as much as you want, but we will not let your dangerous intentions to be executed as long as we are alive. Let them try as much as they could to frighten us or give a bad name to us but we are not among those who bow down to these pressure tactics. Life has taught me to struggle. We all have faced every kind of challenges. If some people think that it is easy to deviate Congressmen from the prime duty of safe guarding democracy, they don’t know how strongly committed these Congressmen are! Read More >