Burning Hole in the Farmers’ Pockets to Meet their Gluttony

Rg Tue, 13 Oct 2020

Burning Hole in the Farmers’ Pockets to Meet their Gluttony

Burning Hole in the Farmers’ Pockets
to Meet their Gluttony

Highlights of Interaction on 29 September, 2020. Shri Rahul Gandhi interacted with a group of farmers from across the country through video conferencing. 

Addressing the farmers of the country, Shri Rahul Gandhi said- I want to welcome you all wholeheartedly and want to understand what harm you will have from these laws.

Greeting a farmer, Shri Rahul Gandhi said-Namaskar!

In response, the farmer (Shri Dhirendra Kumar, Champaran, Bihar) accepting the greetings, said - Namaskar brother!

After this, on a question asked by Shri Rahul Gandhi to the farmer, tell me a little bit, brother, what do you think about these laws? Shri Dhirendra Kumar (Champaran Bihar) said- No sir, this is all jumlebaazi, sir. There is no point in their talk, there is no truth. They are cheating the farmers, whether small ones or big ones.

On another question asked by Shri Rahul Gandhi to the farmer that why you are afraid that MSP will disappear, Shri Sunil Singh (Pathankot, Punjab) said - No sir, this is all jumlebaazi, sir. There is no point in their talk, there is no truth. They are cheating the farmers, whether small ones or big ones.

Another farmer Shri Om Prakash Dhankhar (Jhajjar, Haryana) said - very bad, meaning, this is an atrocityhappening to us that we, the farmers, will have nothing left, under any circumstances. They must guarantee that if any agency, any kind of private company or anyone for that matter, buys from the farmer at a lower rate than MSP, then it would be considered a punishable offense. There should be no purchase of any kind less than MSP.

Another farmer Shri Ashok Butra (Yavatmal, Maharashtra) said - they have made such a provision in the law that there will beno opposition to at which rate of MSPany goods be bought, i.e. no one will buy, no one will want to buy.It seems to me that if a farmer would want to oppose them, he will have to go to jail.

Another farmer Shri Pankaj Taniram Matere (Bhandara, Maharashtra) said - This bill is not going to benefit any public, nor will it be good for the non-oppressive classes. With this bill, only companies and people like Ambani and Adani are going to be benefitted. Whatever produce we would take like in some company, if they do not pay, then we cannot cry at their house, or at the house of the owner of the Reliance company. They will chase us out from there, using force. If anyone would not give us any money, then understand that we would be destroyed. Then what are we going to eat, what are we going to do?

Another farmer Shri Rakesh Jakhar (Jhajjar, Haryana) said- The cost for the farmer is continuously increasing.The crop insurance which earlier was about 400 rupees an acre of cotton, today has started to be around 1600 rupees. There is a 3-4 folds increase in it.

On another question asked by Shri Rahul Gandhi to the farmer that what seems to be the worst, out of these three laws, farmer Shri Rakesh Jakhar (Jhajjar, Haryana) said - These three laws have been made to eliminatefarmers. If farmers are to benefit from this ordinance, then why do they not make laws for MSP? Their words and actions do not match. Why do they not make laws for that (MSP)? If someone takes less than MSP, then we will put him/her in jail, why are they not doing this? Tomorrow, Adani-Ambani will come, they will not buy directly, they will send brokers to mediate. If any crop of the farmer goes, it will be 200-400-500 rupees.

Adani will not directly come to the farmer. He will leave the broker in between to mediate. Today the work of the farmers is going through Aadhteez, they call them brokers. Brokers will now come, when it will be sold to the corporate world.

Another farmer Shri Ashok Butra (Yavatmal, Maharashtra) said - In 1840, there was the East India Company. It used to price cotton from England and cotton was purchased at that price in the whole world. Goods used to come to Bombay through wires/telegraphs, from Bombay they used to reach Yavatmal, and all traders used to buy goods from Yavatmal at the same price, but others’ wires/telegraphs used to reach later, the wires/telegraphs of these merchants used to reach first. Just as the business of the East India Company was, the same type of business seems to be coming up today. It will definitelybe so. There will come a provision for the people of the corporate world to buy goods at cheaper rates and when they will buy the farmers’ goods, they will sell them to the consumersat a price two-three times or even four times the actual price.So, the customers will also be robbed, the farmers will also be robbed,and suicides of farmers will increase greatly due to farmers not getting the proper price.

Shri Rahul Gandhi said- You say that formerly there was East India Company, (the farmer said yes) now the West India Company has come, (the farmer said, Yes, West India Company it is, Corporate Company will come).

Farmer Shri Pankaj Taniram Matere (Bhandara, Maharashtra) said- that our country has been known as agriculture-oriented, but now this country is going to be company-oriented.

On another question of Shri Rahul Gandhi that the Prime Minister is saying that MSP will be there, it will not be changed, do you not believe that or what do you think? Farmer Shri Pankaj Taniram Matere (Bhandara, Maharashtra) said- No sir, we do not believe him, because we are not sure what he will say today, what he will say tomorrow; because today I read in the newspaper that the bill, the rule, which was there for the workers has been changed in the favor of the company. Because by removing the rules which were there for the workers who were working in the company, they have also been gave in the hands of the company. And the company can remove the workers at anytime. Such rule has been made now.

Farmer Gajanan Shri Kashinath (Washim, Maharashtra) said- I was also scared, scared of dying, but I am more scared of these laws instead of Corona. If my land will not remain in the name of my next generation, see, any company or any businessman does business for his own benefit, for his own profit. It is not a government. The government takes money from those who earn more, distributes it to the poor and helps the poor.

Farmer Shri Sunil Singh (Pathankot, Punjab) said- This is the party of the rich and it will remain the party of the rich. It will not think anything about small farmers, small people.

Farmer Shri Rakesh Jakhar (Jhajjar, Haryana) said - With this ordinance, they are bent on abolishing farmers. The farmers, the laborers, the traders, all will be destroyed by this.

On another question asked by Shri Rahul Gandhi that what else will they do, where will they go? Farmer Shri Rakesh Jakhar (Jhajjar, Haryana) said–they will destroy, they will sell the entire system to the corporates. They will hand over the entire system to Ambani-Adani. The labor/wages will remain with the farmers again. The rule of the British will come back. They will ruin this country. Everything is going to be privatized, everything is being sold. There are airports, they are selling them, they are selling the railways, they are selling electricity. They are not leaving anything.

Farmer Shri Rudra Pratap Pandey (Bhojpur, Bihar) said-The traders used to take advance money if there was any need, now they have even stopped giving money. When they do not take paddy, they do not take wheat, how will we pay?

Farmer Shri Dhirendra Kumar (Champaran, Bihar) said- The laws, the rules which they have made, are in opposition to the interests of a Kaashtkaar and now, the other three laws have come, so that will cause a lot of misery. 

Shri Rahul Gandhi said–We saw in Bhatta Parsaul and in Uttar Pradesh, the organized industrialists, the big ones, want the farmers’ land, they also want the crops. The first battle that I fought, was ofland acquisition. And I was adamant there (in Bhatta Parsaul) and because of that the entire media started attacking me and I faced that, it is not a big deal.

Farmer Shri Ashok Butra (Yavatmal, Maharashtra) said- TheLand Acquisition Act that you had brought in 2011-12, has given lakhs of rupees to farmers and some have even got crores of rupees. Till date, they have not seen so much money, because it was the law of 1894. It was also the rule of the British era in which the farmers were looted. The law which you made in 2011-12after minute observation, was the law which proved to be of benefit to farmers. Modi Ji tried to topple that law but, he has not understood this in the face of your strength.

Another farmer Chaudhary Ramkaran (Pradhan, Delhi) said- We have been seeing in Maharashtra since last five years, every year a farmer had been dying every 13 minutes. But now the condition in which the farmer will be, I do not feel that anyone will save the farmer from that. All of you will work hard and by taking up this work you will try to save the farmer. It will be a welfare for both - the country as well as the farmer.

Farmer Shri Rakesh Jakhar (Jhajjar, Haryana) said- The works done by the previous governments, for the farmers of the country, for the laborers, for the traders, for the youth; these people are involved in acquiring all that. Neither will the farmer of the country have anything, nor will the youth be employed.

Farmer Shri Gajanan Kashinath (Washim, Maharashtra) said- Mahatma Gandhi had started the Indigo Movement from Champaran, Bihar, in 1917.  Since then, started the movement of Bardoli. Those who take the name of Sardar Patel should know what was the movement of Bardoli, what was the salt movement, and then the cotton made in our own Vidarbha, and the Gandhi ji’s Charkha, which was the symbol of cotton, was also the symbol of our freedom movement. I do not believe in rebirth, but if Mahatma Gandhi were alive today, he would have opposed this law. I request you that this law should be investigated.

Shri Rahul Gandhi said- It was said that this is a fight against black money, it was a lie. The goal was to weaken those who are our unorganized people, farmers, laborers. Later came the GST, whose goal was the same. At the time of Corona, when money was to be given, no money was given. It was given to the biggest 2-3-4 industrialists, their income kept increasing. During Corona, your income kept falling, but still the whole money was given to them. The goal is to break the backbone of India - the farmer, the laborer and to take the money that belongs to India.

There is no difference between these three laws and the demonetization. There is no difference between this and GST. The difference is that it is a direct stab to your heart. You were betrayed thrice and nowthey have burned a hole in your heart and media will not tell you this. Neither will it be seen in the newspaper, nor will it be seen in TV, nor will it be seen in social media. But there is a lot of clarity in my mind. It has to be opposed, not for the farmers, but for the future of India. They have not helped this country to stand on its feet, they were standing with the British. So, they do not understand. And what you said is a very deep thought, that the farmer is not just a farmer, the voice of the farmer is in the youth, the voice of the farmer is in the army, it is in the police. There is a lot of power in the voice of the farmer and by using this voice, India gained independence. India became independent through the voice of the farmer and once again today, India will become free through the voice of the farmer.