Sandesh may Mon, 05 Dec 2016


The Modi Government has completed two years of having been in power. Narendra Modi headed the first BJP lead government after having won an unexpected victory. After many decades there is a single party majority government that opened up a huge opportunity to carry out reforms and take the country forward during this crucial time after the country was left on the threshold of huge growth by the earlier UPA regime. But Alas all that we can see at the end of these two years is a frittered opportunity of a regime too busy in deriding the previous government and carrying out its agenda of communal hate and vendetta. The earlier regime led by an experienced and a mature leadership had set the ball in motion towards achieving several goals of growth and creating necessary infrastructure. Taking advantage of this inertia the present regime wishes to claim credit for completing the tasks set in motion by the previous regime and claim them as its own achievements. Having inherited a government at the time when the world crude prices had crashed from US $ 130 a barrel to even less than US $ 30 a barrel the government chose not to allow the common man to enjoy the benefit and instead chose to use this gain for showing to the world its so called capability of maintaining deficit and foreign exchange reserves. Even though there was reduction in earnings of foreign exchange as exports were substantially reduced the foreign exchange reserves were maintained due to huge savings in the outflow as a result of reduced crude prices. All the promises made by the government before coming to power were admittedly denied as having been election hyperbole. Not withstanding that they had come to power telling and assuring people these lies. With their arrogant and non-people friendly attitude essential reforms could not take place as the opposition was treated with contempt and not given its due in addressing the peoples issues. Extraneous issues that would cause diversion from their failure were allowed to claim the national space putting aside the important matters related to governance. The opposition kept on cooperating wherever there was no conflict of interest but the Government in its arrogance refused to entertain the oppositions point of view and allowed important legislation to be relegated to background. GST Bill and Land reforms Bill are two glaring examples. For how long will the Government keep on living by making wrong promises and not fulfilling them is any ones guess. It is good to be an orator but one-sided monologue like Man ki Baat doesn’t address the people’s issues and doesn’t answer vital doubts in minds of people.


The Government is pleased with itself for having gained a government in the northeast. A victory is a victory but in a political arena the dissemination of results is equally important. The Congress through 3 assemblies for 15 continuous years led the Assam Government and Sh. Tarun Gogoi was having the confidence of the party to lead it once again. His advice was therefore followed while the party decided to go it alone and for that it has no regret. Mistakes can only be made if you are doing work and the Congress had led a fruitful government that was imposed with the confidence of people again and again. Defeat in election is not final since elections are a continuous process and there would be many more in times to come. One need to introspect and try and suitably address the issues.


From time immemorial in Kerala it is UDF and LDF, which alternate, in subsequent elections. That the Congress was very hopeful of breaking this jinx, this time, however did not happen. In Puducherry the Congress led front has formed a government and the vote percentage in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal is higher for the Congress than last time. In politics defeat and victory are not permanent and the Congress would not let up on its commitments to bring up the plight of the deprived, the backward and downtrodden despite electoral reverses. It will not compromise on its principles. The Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi has given such an assurance.


The NDA is enthused that it won an election in 2014 by telling lies about acts of omission and commission by the leadership of the Congress. These were due to following policies that the UPA felt was in the interest of commerce and enterprise as a government. Many of these policies were even inherited from the earlier NDA regime and were kept going as they were felt that they were acceptable. Once again there is an attempt to target the UPA in the matter of purchase of helicopters from Augusta Westland. Mr. A.K.Antony a leader of unblemished record headed the Defence ministry during the UPA tenure and gave a befitting reply to the government. Besides establishing that the changes in specifications which was considered to be an aberration were carried out on the recommendations of the Vajpayee’s regime, he challenged the government to not just keep on making insinuation but back them up with facts and dared them to thoroughly enquire into all the allegations and come out with the truth. Not having faith in the intentions of the government the Congress demanded that a judge of the Supreme Court should monitor this enquiry so that truth actually comes out.


The Finance Minister is most perturbed by the judiciary, as it is not allowing the NDA to have its way in its various misdemeanors by striking down its illegal acts. The happenings at Uttrakhand are the most recent example. Besides reprimanding the government in the severest manner possible by the superior court it challenged the NDA contention by ordering a court monitored floor test, This is the only democratic way for deciding the majority of government in any house. The truth prevailed and the Government led by Sh. Harish Rawat was able to reestablish its rule in Uttrakhand. Instead of humility and learning its lessons the NDA responded by reprimanding the judiciary and telling them to remain in limits. One more act of its continued arrogance against norms and institutions.


The nation remembers the First Prime Minister of Independent India Pt., Jawaharlal Nehru with affection on his 52nd death anniversary. No one can forget the foundation of rule of democracy and stable political system established by him. He was respected not only in India but also across the shores of the country everywhere and was recognized as a world leader. Many countries that were a part of the commonwealth ended up with either a dictatorship or with martial law, but India has continued to be a resilient democracy. Pandit ji’s persona prevailed and the country kept up its democratic rule.


Twenty-five years ago on 21st May, we lost our beloved and youthful leader Rajiv Gandhi at the hands of an assassin, a human bomb. The void that was created, as a result can never be filled and we remember him for his commitment and contribution to the growth of the country.