Save Democracy from Vandalisation

Sonia 20gandhi Mon, 05 Dec 2016

Save Democracy from Vandalisation

We all have gathered here to send a strong message. The message should be so loud and clear that the people would listen and understand it properly, whether they are sitting in Raisina Hills should or in Nagpur at whose instance the Modi government is being run.


I want to tell these people in an unambiguous term that you may try to destroy democracy as much as you want, but we will not let your dangerous intentions to be executed as long as we are alive. Let them try as much as they could to frighten us or give a bad name to us but we are not among those who bow down to these pressure tactics. Life has taught me to struggle. We all have faced every kind of challenges. If some people think that it is easy to deviate Congressmen from the prime duty of safe guarding democracy, they don’t know how strongly committed these Congressmen are!


To fight against anti-national forces is not a new thing for us. The Congress knows very well how to fight against those who are trying to destroy the brotherhood and tolerance of this country. We have shed our blood, sacrificed our lives for safeguarding the fundamental principles of humanity. If it is needed, we will not backtrack from making our supreme sacrifices.


In the last 60-70 years, the Congress constituted such institutions which provide strength to democracy. Every section of the society had been empowered.


Steps were taken to make a farmer’s life prosperous. We struggled to bring about basic changes in a woman’s life. But within two years, the Modi government began to ruin everything. Its every step is intended to uproot democracy. Under their regime, all are in trouble-- farmers, youth and businessmen. All are in deep despair. Farmers are facing severe drought and are compelled to commit suicides. But the Modi government is ignoring and doing nothing. Pricerise has made impossible to bring up children and to run households. My sisters and the poor are affected the worst.


They have nothing to do with all these things. Their intension was to come into power through false promises. They succeeded in doing that. Their hunger for power is increasing day-by-day. They are doing everything to make the Congress governments in states to fall. They conspired to topple the popularly and elected Congress government of Arunachal and Uttarakhand by using money and muscle power. By doing so, they have not only shaken the foundation of democracy but in fact they have murdered the democracy. Today, Uttarakhand is facing the worst kind of forest-fire, but nothing is happening there in order to mitigate and douse the fire since there is no popular government in the state. Narendra Modi and his political advisers, who claim to be associated with a cultural organization are unable to understand the hardships, plight and distress of people. Whether democracy in under threat, they are least concerned about it. Their one and only aim is that everything should be under their control.


The Congress resurrected the Panchayati Raj system across the country by making a law. But they are making amendments in the law. Women, tribes, dalits and backwards are being deprived of contesting elections. Minorities are being intimidated. The society is being divided on the basis of religion, language and culture caste. Atrocities are being inflicted on students. They declare anyone as anti-national within seconds. Those people who dare to oppose them are bound to suffer. But these people should understand one thing very clearly that when anything crosses its limit, Indian people rise with might and make the oppressor bite the dust. The Modi government is deceiving people, and it seems now that his days are numbered.


The Modi government has started the game of making false allegations upon the leaders of the opposition in order to divert people’s attention from its own failures. They have started their old game of character assassination of others and making the atmosphere poisonous by indulging in scare mongering with false propaganda. They have fired all the cylinders against the Congress. But I warm them that they should not do a mistake of understanding the Congress weak. The Congress will never bow down to injustice. We will play the role of a responsible opposition more emphatically in the coming days. We will fight with all our might against injustice and oppression at both places-inside the Parliament and outside it.


I appeal to all of you; each and every Congressman to go every nook and corner of the country and make people aware of the reality of the Modi government; to reveal their real intentions and give them a befitting reply through democratic means. The message of this march should be propagated in every possible manner. We will never let them ruin and destroy the democratic traditions at any cost. We will never let them do, what may come. Jai Hind