Governance of injustice

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Governance of injustice

Governance of injustice

- Shuchi Vishwas Srivastav

Due to Baba Saheb Ambedkar and the Constitution, Dalits have got the right to equality, but they have not yet got the opportunity to lead a comprehensive life.The incident of rape on 14 September, 2020, in Bulgarhi village of Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, is a proof of this. 

Vindictive statements made by Shri Yogi Adityanath, a man of eminence known for communal and ethnic strife, have destroyed all the dignity of humanity and morality in the Hathras rape case.

The report of the gang rape victim-Dalit girl-was not registered for 7 days. She was medically treated on the seventh day and sections of the gang rape casewere recorded. When her condition started deteriorating, she was quietly admitted to Safdarganj Hospital. She died due to lack of treatment. Can there be any bigger incident of tarnishing the identity of a woman that she does not even get respectable funeral rites?In the midnight, the police along with the local administration, put kerosene and burnt the victim in the absence of her family to destroy all the evidence. Personally, I think that Sub-Inspector, SP or SDM level officials cannot take this unethical decision at thelevel of their own conscienceunless there is a clear order by the state government for the purpose of protecting the accused.

Listen to the video of Hathras’young woman struggling for her life in the hospital, in which she is saying very clearly that she was tried to be molested even earlier. On 14 September, the accused was attacked again. Despite the statements and evidences from the girl and her family, the police of Chandpa police station in Hathras district, filed anFIR after eight days. It is evident that the police did not comply with its duty to file anFIR and there should be punishable legal proceedings against them under 166A (c). Now according to the recommendations of the SIT investigation, the government has said to conduct a narco test of the victim. It is evident that the government is still suspecting the incident of rape with the girl. Does the UP government want to initiate a new process of FIR and investigation in the cases of sexual violence, in which the narration of the victim’s side will be investigated by narco or polygraphy investigation?

In the medical done on the eighth day, the government said that rape did not happen. It is shameful that the government is not aware of the law. After the Nirbhaya scandal, the rape sections were amended by the UPA government, according to which it is not compulsory for semen to be found, but the shameless ministers of the BJP government, the MLAs and the representatives of the national level, kept giving statements that tarnished the femininity.

See the encroachment of patriarchal thinking on the desert of morality. BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya shared her video on social media and revealed her identity. The BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP said why these girls do not go to the fields of gram, millet and maize?Another BJP MLA said that this shows the lack of virtue among girls. 

In place of giving consolation/solace, the government banned the media and placed the family under house arrest. Few media personnel were treated indecently. Their phones were taped. The District Magistrate said to the brother of the rape victim that so much compensation is not even received by dying of Corona. He kicked his uncle in his chest. Despite so much bullying to the family, no action was taken against the district officer.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh’s toxic power play is emergingonce again,with the police acting like a feudal system and a poor Dalit woman standing at the weakest position.

Rape is not about men’s sexual desire or what the woman was wearing or what she was doing. Rape always shows its strength, domination and control.

The surviving girl was rapedand was victimized by the government’s malpractice and debauchery after her death.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, four Dalit women are raped every day in India.In most cases, without any consent. In the year 2019, an average of 87 rape cases were reported in India every day and four lakh five thousand 861 cases of crimeagainst women were registered. This report released by the NCRB on September 29 shows that there has been an increase of 7.3% in crimes against women in the country last year. 

The Bharatiya Janata Party is an excellent amalgamation of crime mafia and police. The Yogi government has no answer as to howautomatic weapons were available in such huge quantities, out of jail, to the gangster Vikas Dubeyaccusedin 60 cases? The secret of under whose protection the extortion was being carried out also got buried with his encounter.

In the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh, NCRB figures in sexual violence and rape against women and girls have set national records. First Unnao’s rape victim of Makhi village accused MLA Kuldeep Sengar. She tweeted to the Chief Minister more than 50 times. When she tried to commit self-immolation in front of the Chief Minister’s residence, only then an FIR was registered. Her father died in jail due to police harassment. In the post-mortem, there was confirmation of the rupture of the intestines due to excessive beatings. Her entire family was destroyed. Finally, the harassment crossed all boundaries when while going to the court, a truckwithout a number plate crushed them to death. Certainly, the people of Uttar Pradesh have lost their faith in the judicial system due to such incidents and the Bharatiya Janata Party made every possible effort to save MLA Kuldeep Sengar and has not even expelled him from the primary membership of the BJP. Uttar Pradesh tops the nation when it comes to the cases of violence, sexual offenses and rapes.

The second significant incident that rocked the entire country was the objectionable pornographic video of former BJP MP Swami Chinmayananda. When no action was taken on the victim’s statement, she made her plea through Facebook. On the contrary, a case was filed against her for extortion. Chinmayananda was given a salute by the Government of Uttar Pradesh on his return from jail, while no stone was left unturned to frighten her entire family. A teenager’s eyes were blown in Agra. Her tongue was cut off after raping her. Her limbs were broken, the backbone was fractured. But the Yogi government is suppressing the protest by taking action against the opposition in a vengeful manner.

They have no answer as to what led to this condition of the girl? Why was there a delay in getting her proper treatment?

After all, why did it take eight days to register an FIR?

After her death, what was the police in a hurry of that her body was burnt in the night without the consent of the family?

In view of the incidents of sexual violence on women and girls in Uttar Pradesh, it is clear that nothing has changed there. Neither the attitude of the police nor the government’s attitude. The claim of ‘Coming to the field in honor of a daughter’ is a hollow one.

In the affidavit given by the Yogi government in the Supreme Court, all the examples such as epidemics, ethnic violence, communal conflict, terrorist funding, Babri Masjid Verdict etc. were used to hide the truth and hide its failures. Police forcefully burnt the girl’s dead body against the will of the family at midnight. They retracted even from this in the affidavit. Some of its pages contain the words like Black, Lives, Matter, Protest, Phoenix, New York Police Station, etc. which states that the affidavit is a cut, copy and paste. True to its nature, the government has begun to try to find a communal approach in it.

Protest is mandatory for survival. Protest will arise against Casteist violence, against the violence of majoritarian politics, against the insensitive administration and against the cruelty of the government. There is wrath among 23 crore residents of the state and 125 crore people of the country in the fight for social justice. ˆˆ