70th Independence Day

Sonia gandhiji Mon, 22 Aug 2016

70th Independence Day

The Independence Day, is observed on 15 August every year and India celebrated its 70th Independence Day on August 15th, 1947. The struggle for India’s Independence began in 1857 and later on the Indian National Congress and other political organizations, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, launched an independent movement. Colonial powers finally transferred powers to India on August 15, 1947.

On the midnight of August 14, 1947. India gained its freedom and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of free India.

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance”    - Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (Tryst with Destiny)

On this occasion Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi released a messages on 70th Independence are as follows:-

Message from Congress President on 70th Independence Day

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of Independence, Smt. Sonia Gandhi extended greetings to fellow Indians. Observing that the struggle for India’s independence laid the foundation of evolution of a diverse and ancient pluralistic society into one great Nation, Smt. Gandhi said that ‘the weapons of truth and non-violence adopted during the freedom movement shook the foundation of the British Empire and inspired many self rule movements across the world.’

Reminding that Independence was a result of immeasurable sacrifices of those who made India what is it today, Smt. Gandhi called upon every citizen to follow the solemn duty of protecting and preserving the values of freedom and equality. Paying tributes to farmers, labourers, tradesmen, scientists, teachers and thinkers in the great task of Nation building, Smt. Gandhi particularly underlined the selfless service of our Armed Forces in the cause of Mother India. Smt. Gandhi said that, their supreme sacrifice in protecting the integrity of India is extraordinary and worth bowing to.

Reiterating that the Independence came with tremendous sacrifices made by our founding fathers, Smt. Gandhi said that ‘each Indian citizen, as indeed the Congress worker was a freedom fighter and as inheritors of this great legacy today, we must rise to fulfill the responsibility of preserving and fighting for the values that this rich legacy bequeathed us with.’ Urging the young men and women of India to not simply commemorate the 70th Independence Day but recall the ideals behind it, Smt. Gandhi appealed for a national movement to reinvigorate the principles of compassion, coexistence and inclusive development as the indelible features of our polity, society and economy.

Message of Congress Vice President, Sh. Rahul Gandhi on 70th Independence Day “

Today we celebrate our 70th Independence Day. In these seven decades we have achieved much to be proud of, but there still remains work to be done. Our freedom was hard won. It came from the sacrifice, courage and perseverance of inspirational women and men. That generation is no longer with us but the Constitution of India is their precious gift to our nation. It embodies the values, principles and ideals for which they fought, values they hoped would guide our brave young country. Now it is up to us. As we celebrate our independence, we celebrate not just freedom from British rule, we celebrate our commitment to freedom from inequality and prejudice, freedom to choose our own destiny and create a society where everyone has equal opportunities for success.

These are freedoms we must not take for granted, freedoms that we Indians, particularly young, are duty bound to defend. Our precious liberty is a living, breathing force - not a static ideaand as such it must continuously be maintained and lovingly defended by all of us Indians.

When the forces of darkness threaten this liberty for some of us, as we saw in recent times, we must remember that freedom can never be for the few - it has to be for everyone. Every human being in India has the right to dignity and the freedom to live and express themselves freely.

We Indians are honour bound to aspire to a country where nobody lives in fear- not one man or woman- and where ideas flow freely and are not crushed violently by the forces of hate and mediocrity. We must insist and fight for this truth, at all times. Jai Hind “.