Amarinder Singh Will Be Next Chief Minister, Says Rahul Gandhi

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Amarinder Singh Will Be Next Chief Minister, Says Rahul Gandhi

 Amarinder Singh Will Be Next Chief Minister, Says Rahul Gandhi

MAJITHA (PUNJAB): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi addressed a public gathering in Punjab ahead of the February 4 assembly elections. He started his  three-day visit  of the state from Amritsar’s Majitha where he attacked the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP alliance. The Congress Vice President’s election tour is focused on a takedown of the Badals, who rule Punjab as the head of an Akali Dal-BJP government. 

Captain Amarinder Singh, Punjab Congress chief, is the party’s presumptive Chief Minister, said Rahul Gandhi in his first public speech  of Punjab assembly elections. Amarinder Singh has given his blood and sweat for Punjab. He has worked day and night for the betterment of Punjab. He has always worked for Punjabis, for Sardars.  

He further said Punjab has ’seva’ in their tradition and culture. Guru Nanak ji spoke of seva and tera.  Guru Nanak ji had said sab ka sab tera.  But the Badals have converted that to sab ka sab mera. 

 “There is a cut for the Badal family in everything in the state. Punjab pays a Badal tax,” said the Congress vice president, who will visit all the Badal citadels, including Lambi, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal’s constituency and Jalalabad, his son and deputy Sukhbir Badal’s seat.  Captain Amarinder Singh has challenged the Chief Minister in Lambi. 

The cricketer turned politician Shri Navjot singh Sidhu was the opening act at Congress Vice President, Shri Rahul Gandhi’s mega rally on 27th January, 2017, slipping into his new role with apparent ease.  In his trademark style, Shri Sidhu used rhyme and limerick to praise the Congress vice president and pitch for the return of the party in Punjab

 The Congress chose to open its big attack on the ruling alliance from Majitha, the assembly constituency of Bikram Singh Majithia, an influential and controversial minister in the Badal government. Bikram Singh Majithia is the brother-in-law of the Sukhbir Badal and the Congress have his arrest high on their list of promises to voters, alleging his involvement in Punjab’s drug trade. 

 “We will have to look for answers to questions like who is responsible for the drug menace and who is to be punished for this. I promise you, if the Congress comes to power in Punjab, we will make a law against this menace,” said Shri Rahul Gandhi in a fierce attack

 Congress President said in his speech that Punjab, the land of 5 rivers, used to support the entire nation. The state which not only used to fill the country’s stomachs, but also fund the country’s economy to a great extent. 

 Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi Calls Badals ‘Corrupt’, Attacks PM Narendra Modi 

 JAlAlABAD (PUNJAB):   Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, in his Jalalabad rally, stepped up his attack against the ruling Badals, calling Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal a “symbol of corruption” and asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to clear the air on why he was seeking votes for the “corrupt” if he was fighting against the menace ahead of Punjab elections slated for next month. 

 Shri Gandhi, who began his second day of his election tour to poll-bound Punjab, addressed a poll rally in the pocket borough of Sukhbir Badal in Jalalabad on 28th January, 2017 from where the SAD president is seeking reelection. 

 The Congress Vice President attacked the Akalis for allegedly plundering Punjab and appealed people to vote for the Congress in the February 4 polls “to transform Punjab”. 

 Attacking Akali Dal-BJP alliance in Punjab, Shri Gandhi said, “On one hand there is the Akali Dal and on the other hand there is Narendra Modi. Shri Modi comes here (to Punjab) and says he is against corruption and is fighting against corruption.” And on the other, Punjab remains the most corrupt state under the Badals, said the Congress vice-president.

 “In India, maximum corruption takes place in one state. And if there is any symbol of this corruption, it is Sukhbir Singh Badal,” Shri Rahul Gandhi said launching a sharp attack Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal’s son. 

 He went on to say that the ruling Badals had “plundered” the state for their own interests. “They have ruined the state by controlling everything here. The youth is unemployed while the industry is in shambles.” 

  He promised that if the Congress forms the government in Punjab, then the regime led by Amarinder Singh, will bring a tough law to tackle the drug problem. 

 Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi also said that Congress has always stood for and will always stand for the welfare of the poor, downtrodden, Dalits, small farmers, labourers and other weaker sections and appealed to the public to give the party a chance to serve them in Punjab. 

 He also talked about the problems faced by the common people in the wake of demonetisation. 

 Notably, Jalalabad Assembly constituency is witnessing a high-profile contest this time, with two MP of rival parties throwing their hat in the ring to take on Sukhbir Badal. While Congress has fielded its Ludhiana MP Ravneet Singh Bittu to take on Sukhbir Badal, AAP has fielded its Sangrur MP Bhagwant Mann from the seat. Apart from the Badals and PM Modi, he also took potshots at Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal. Referring to the Delhi Chief Minister, Shri Gandhi said “Punjab does not need a “dictator”.

 Arvind Kejriwal Backing Those Behind Blast, Says Rahul Gandhi 

  SANGRUR, PUNJAB:  Congress vicepresident Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in Sangrur, Punjab  on 2nd February, 2017 a few days before the state heads into the polls. In his rally he interacted with the voters. Taking a jibe at the ruling government in Punjab, Shri Rahul Gandhi said the state government has been selfish.  

 In his address he said, in the land of Guru Nanak, the Punjab government has given itself priority keeping the interests of the people at bay.While Attacking Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader was “trying to back the perpetrators of the bomb blast in Punjab”. 

 “There was bomb blast a couple of days back in which six people died. He accused Delhi Chief Minister and AAP chief  Shri Arvind Kejriwal, of helping those who were responsible behind the blast that took place at Maur Mandi near Bathinda on January 31. He is allowing them to contest elections. This is very dangerous for Punjab. If these elements gain strength in Punjab, then it will hijack all the development issues,” said Shri Rahul Gandhi during a public rally.

Two men and a child were killed in the explosion on 31st January, 2017 evening  just as a rally of Congress candidate Harminder Singh Jassi ended at Maur Mandi town, 200 km from Chandigarh.  Three more died of their injuries later in the hospital.

State Congress president and chief ministerial candidate Amarinder Singh has also accused Shri Kejriwal of “promoting extremist forces” such as the Khalistan Commando Force.

 He said that Shri Kejriwal, who had stayed at a KCF extremist’s house in Punjab, was fanning terror forces through his actions. 

 “The most important thing is the atmosphere you live in. If that atmosphere gets spoiled, violence starts or anger prevails, then the work of farmers, labourers, weaker sections suffers, entire state suffers,” Shri Rahul Gandhi said.

 Taking a veiled dig at the ruling Akalis and the AAP, Congress Vice President said, “from one extremist thinking, Punjab should not go to other extremist thinking. Congress is one such party which takes all sections along. We want that Punjab should rapidly progress.” 

 “But if violence breaks, anger prevails, then everything will be destroyed. We have to understand that those forces, which destroyed Punjab earlier (referring to militancy period in the state), because of whom violence broke, such forces are yet again raising their head.” 

 “The money of Punjab is the money of its farmers and labourers and would be spent on their development,” promised Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi, reiterating that the loan of Punjab farmers would be waived off once the Congress comes to power. 

 The Congress Vice President also alleged that the Badals were squarely responsible for all the mess in the state, including industrial and agricultural ruin.

  Rahul Gandhi feasts on some ‘dalsubzi’ in Punjab 

 Chandigarh: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on 2nd February, 2017 shared a meal of ‘dal-subzi’ with villagers and interacted with them in Sangrur district, on the last day of campaigning for the Punjab assembly polls.  Shri Rahul Gandhi sat on a wooden cot, flanked by the village headman and council members, and interacted with the residents of Baliyan village, 145 km from here.

 He later shared a traditional meal with commoners and party leaders at the ‘Sanjha Chulha’ (common kitchen) put up by the villagers. The Congress Vice President sat on the floor and was served the lentils and vegetables from steel buckets along with chappatis. 

 A number of village elders, women, youth, including girls, sat down to share the meal with Congress Vice President. As the villagers highlighted the problems they were facing, Shri Rahul Gandhi also took the opportunity to urge them to vote for the party to form the next government in the state saying the Congress cared for their needs and problems. “Do not fall into the trap of parties which are allied with radical elements,” he said.

 Polls for the 117 assembly seats are scheduled on 4th February, 2017.