Editorial2 Wed, 16 Nov 2016


19th November 2016 the birth centenary of our great leader Smt. Indira Gandhi marks the beginning of the centenary celebrations, which will culminate in 2017. A function was held at Vigyan Bhavan where President Pranab Mukherjee delivered the keynote address. Remembering Indira ji Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Congress President remarked that for her Mrs. Gandhi, her mother in law, was the person who imbibed in her the value and culture pattern from where she learnt the lessons in politics and service to the people. She said, “Indira Gandhi was a remarkable woman, the like of whom this country has not since seen. But she was much more than that. She was an institution—a leader with the courage of her convictions and nerves of steel, unflinching in the face of duty, resolute against all that was unjust. She led our nation through the tumultuous battles of the 60s and 70s, never faltering in her dedication to the masses who gave her their complete trust.”

Speaking on the occasion President Pranab Mukherjee who had a long career under her leadership said, “Indiraji was a remarkable personality of the 20th century. Serving as Prime Minister for around 16 years, Indiraji was a key architect of modern India. She played a major role in shaping our country’s destiny during a critical period in history. She was unflinching in her concern for the poor and the disadvantaged and she championed their cause with rare intensity. She was a crusader for global peace, a just economic order and disarmament. I had the privilege of working closely with her for many years and have no hesitation in describing her as my foremost mentor in politics and Government.”

‘Indira ji was a confident and far-sighted leader, insightful regarding people as well as electoral politics—a combination which made her a rare politician. Her short period in the political wilderness revealed her true strength.’
Her daunting spirit and her courage led the leader of opposition Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee to call her Durga. She fought a war against Pakistan and liberated East Pakistan that became a new nation, Bangladesh.

Her commitment and dedication for the country had no boundaries. In her last public rally just before her unfortunate
assassination she said, ”Even if I die in the service of the nation, I would be proud of it. Every drop of my blood… will contribute to the growth of this nation and to make it strong and dynamic.” That was the true persona of this great leader.
A grateful nation pays their tribute to the great personality and a patriot who served with diligence and dedication the people of her country and who was the biggest votary of world peace. We join the nation in paying our tributes to the great leader The NDA Government displayed without leaving any one in doubt about its arrogance and intolerant and dictatorial attitude towards governance.

An Ex serviceman who felt let down by the governments callous attitude for fulfilling the commitment to introduce OROP (One rank one pension) in frustration committed suicide.

Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi had been one of the most ardent votaries of the OROP and has taken it up on
various occasions with the Prime Minister. He felt sympathy with the family of the soul who gave up his life to bring attention
of an unresponsive government towards the fulfillment of the promises made by them regarding OROP. But lo and behold. The NDA Government felt threatened if the leader of the principal party in the opposition was to pay his respects to the family of the departed soul and went to the extent of arresting Sh. Rahul Gandhi not once but twice in the same day. Paying respects and sharing grief with the family of the departed are but a natural courtesy of a caring individual apart of our culture and there is no politics in it.

The level of intolerance was also displayed when the Government chose to single out NDTV for a ban on displaying news that was also on the site of almost every other channel. The reason was obvious because the channel keeps on providing a fair and unbiased opinion of the acts of government and other news. Media has their own priorities that essentially do not need to be about singing praises of the present government and the Prime Minister.

And then came the mother of all ill conceived plans of the Prime Minister when he announced the withdrawal of currency notes of Rs 1000 and Rs. 500 as a legal tender. The entire country has been plunged into chaos. On 14th November we celebrated the Birth Anniversary of one of the greatest sons of India our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. A grateful nation will always remember his contribution in shaping the new nation a direction that brought about firm fundamentals of a vibrant democracy in a country with a multifaceted polity. The nation remembers him with respect and affection.

The 128th birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was celebrated on 11th November. Maulana Azad was the first
Education minister of the free India He ensured that we imparted quality education without a bias on any caste or creed that has been the backbone of the success of our education system and has produced scholars, highly rated across the world.