Editorial2 Fri, 16 Dec 2016



 The Congress Sandesh joins all Congress Workers and well wishers in wishing Congress President a Very Happy 70th Birthday which was on 9th December. Smt. Sonia Gandhi has been an epitome of sacrifices and service while she has served as the longest serving President of this grand old party, the Congress. The Congress, which was on a decline after the assassination of Rajiv ji and saw consistent erosion once again with the leadership of Sonia ji rose to lead the party through two general elections and the party led the country for ten years. In her words Winning and losing is a part of democracy but the values and ideals that have made the Congress, what it stands for, and dedication to the people of the country cannot be compromised. The ideals of secularism and inclusive growth were strengthened under her leadership and she did not make any compromises in fulfilling these ideals. Sonia ji has the capability of endearing herself to the people and she has earned the loyalty of her party. People in other parties have given her due respect as a self-sacrificing leader and have had good relations with her. We wish her a long and healthy life in the service to the party and the nation. 

Once again the Prime Minster who loves to play to the galleries made a hasty and unthought-of decision to demonetize the ` 1000 and `500 notes which accounted for 86 % of the currency in circulation. The first announcement said that this was being done to rid the country of black money, to rid the country of Forged currency and to ensure that terrorists who used such currency would have no way to finance their malafide objectives. All these were laudable objectives and no one has any complaints if these are carried out. The Prime Minister said he was moving towards Cash less economy. Not being an economist nor having obviously taken the advise of experts he made the ill timed announcement suddenly upsetting the life and livelihood of the entire nation. For the ordinary citizen it was the festival time where maximum weddings are celebrated. Hundreds of weddings were either cancelled or postponed except the weddings of BJP leadership that conducted the weddings of their kin with utmost pomp and show. God alone can justify how they were able to find the liquidity for performing these lavish weddings when the entire country was starved of their daily bread and livelihood

 Meanwhile the Government continued to change its tone and goal posts. The right to exchange, over the counter, old notes was withdrawn as suddenly as it was imposed. The hard earned and money saved for weddings was restricted to a paltry amount of Rupees Two and half lacs and that too after submitting the method of expenditure. Banks could not actually dispense that money since they had no cash, most of the times. Only the FM and BJP Spokesmen saw that things were improving while the queues in front of banks and ATMs became a way of life for every one. Who were they bluffing since everyone was a sufferer. The Prime Minister asked for fifty days of hardship since he obviously had no knowledge of how much time would be required to replace the withdrawn currency. He also changed his claim of cashless economy to less cash and has been propounding the doctrine of use of electronic banking to reduce dependence on cash. Obviously he is not conscious of the fact that our country has a healthy economy at the village level which thrives only on cash transactions and it will be decades before acclimatizing the less or uneducated poor people to understand the use of plastic or apps instead of cash. As usual the poor are being clandestinely convinced that their Jan Dhan accounts are going to be enriched with a sum of `15,000 each and that this is going to end black money. With the return of 90% cash to the banking system and the discovery of forged `2000 notes in the market most of the claims of the government are already belied. No other country puts a restriction on withdrawal of your own money from banks. The less fortunate people are going to be thinking twice for keeping money in banks where they thought it was safe. So many have died waiting in un-ending queues and not being able to pay hospital bills. The wisdom of introducing a `2000 note to replace `1000 note without providing adequate competence to change it for small purchases can only be explained by the PM or the FM. 

 The Governor Reserve Bank who is changing the rules at least at an average of once a day or probably twice chooses to remain silent. The Small-scale industry that employs contract or daily wage labour has virtually come to a stand still. The farmers are badly affected, as either they are not being able to sell their produce at conducive prices or not being able to provide timely input for their next crop. How long it will take to return to normal is any ones guess but conservatively it may be one to two years. That there is going to be a lower GDP and that the country has come to a stand still is visible to all. Even to the government that is holding a promise of a longterm benefit, without explaining how. 50 days asked by the Prime Minister are going to be soon over and no one knows which miracle is going to happen on the 51st day. Meanwhile the country has suffered an irreparable damage. Our Congress Vice President, Shri Rahul Gandhi was restricted in speaking on demonization in the Parliament. The PM probably realizing that he has a limited defense chose not to speak in parliament and wanted the FM to face the flak. So an entire session of Parliament was wasted but the PM who chooses one-sided statements without answering questions couldn’t be bothered so long as his whims are satisfied. 

 The nation remembers Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar on his 60th death anniversary. Babasaheb was the leader of the backward and played an important role in the framing of the Constitution of India. 

 The Grand Old Party The Indian National Congress celebrates its 131st Foundation day on 28th December. Besides being the oldest political party of the nation it has the distinction of giving to the nation stalwarts who have led the country during its days of freedom struggle and the laying of foundation of a strong democratic republic that India is today. During its entire life it has stood for its principles and despite adversity never compromised on its declared principles. 

 Congress Sandesh wishes all its readers a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming New Year 2017