Editorial2 Mon, 16 Jan 2017



 After the trauma suffered by the nation due to demonetization the Congress party called a national Sammelan ‘Jan Vedana’ under the leadership of Congress Vice President, Shri Rahul Gandhi to expose the communal and divisive agenda of BJP-RSS and reactionary policies of Modi Government. The philosophy of the Congress has been always to remove fear (Daro Mat) from the minds of people and to have faith in themselves and the Congress party. Rahulji reiterated that BJP believes in spreading hatred and fear and play its cards based on politics of fear. The Prime Minister who believes in keeping people under a constant threat and wants people to fear what he may be doing next. The politics of Narender Modi who is a showman is based on launching events that have a limited life span.Each event lasts a short while and is replaced by another event. People no longer speak about Swachh Bharat, about Skill India, about Make in India, Startup India or Stand up India.What people now want to know is, when will there be more jobs in India, when will the promised jobs come back to this country? People want to know, when there will be social harmony in India, when will there be social harmony among different communities? And people want to know when there will be peace in India?When will peace be there on our borders and our jawans will not die every day? 

 It has become the habit of the BJP and specially the Prime Minister Modi to ask a question as to what the Congress has done in the last seventy years. The Indian National Congress led by its dedicated and competent leadership took reigns of this nation from the British who had been exploiting India and Indians for over two centuries. The Nation was bankrupt and not developed to even take care of its basic needs. If the Congress had not provided the strength of a strong democracy under the world’s best-drafted and comprehensive constitution, India too would have been a puppet nation under a dictator. The reason why India is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world is not because of the two and half years of governance by a bumbling government but because of the growth trajectory left behind by a determined and competent government of the Congress led by stalwarts who were experienced and committed to bring the country on the threshold of becoming a strong and developed nation. The sacrifices of the Congressmen can be seen in every state, every nook and corner of the country. Unlike the party that was the supporter of British, pre independence and to which the members of the ruling party belong. In the words of Congress Vice President, Shri Rahul Gandhi, ‘The BJP, under Narender Modi ji has done in 2.5 years, what we did not do in 70 years. Every single institutions that we constructed, whether it was the RBI, whether it is the judiciary, whether it is the Election Commission, the BJP, RSS and Narender Modi have weakened it.’ 

 The single act of demonetization that was carried out without the application of a sound judgment or even the guidance of experts, by a Prime Minister with half-baked and speculative presumption turned out to be the single largest act of tripping the economy when none of the declared objectives could be achieved. Neither the black money has been eradicated, nor has the RBI gained due to undeclared currency, which would have given it a surplus balance sheet. Instead, the banks are flush with funds in the accounts of individuals, which costs them money and without a simultaneous demand in a slack economy to take loans. Clearly the Banks are in further problem. No wonder the International Institutions one by one are lowering the target of GDP and no longer think that India to be the fastest growing economy.

 Assembly Elections: Five States are going for elections to their assemblies. The BJP looks in disarray everywhere because of their wish to steal people from other parties. Suddenly, on many seats they have their own cadre and the turncoats who came with a promise of candidacy. As it is, they have nothing to show for their performance except more promises. The faith on the hollow promises of the Prime Minister is now on a decline. The Congress, on the other hand, is looking rejuvenated and looking at the enthusiasm of the cadre and the clamor for its tickets the party seems poised to show excellent results. That there would be growth is a foregone conclusion. The Congress will form a Government in Punjab, Goa and Manipur and earn a second term in Uttrakhand. In Uttar Pradesh it will increase its seats. 

 Preponing the budget for ulterior motives: Amongst the reasons for advancing of the budget dates seems to be an ulterior motive to give sops to attract voters in poll bound states. It is to overcome the limitations of the moral code of conduct. They expect the budget to affect the results of the voting pattern and this goes against the norms of fair play. The election commission has taken a view that they cannot interfere but at the same time have asked the government to re-consider. 

 In January, we celebrate the 120th Birth anniversary of the Great son of India; Netaji Subhash Chander Bose which falls on 23rd January. He believed that victory has to be won and set about it in his own way to create an army to fight for the freedom of India. His service to the nation in the pursuit of freedom is written in golden words in our history. 

 We also remember the death anniversary of Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri on 11th January, who died in Tashkent where he had gone to sign a peace pact with Pakistan. 

 The 69th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi falls on 30th January when he was put to sleep at the hands of an assassin belonging to right wing party. Gandhi ji may have been taken away from amidst us in the world but he remains alive always through his thoughts and ideologies that are believed across the globe as unparalleled.