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Three years have passed since the BJP Government lead by Sh. Narender Modi was elected with a clear majority. The people voted the BJP to power on the assurance of “Acche Din” for the populace of the country and the people have been waiting expectantly for it to happen. When the question is raised of the BJP leadership specially its National President when the Acche Din will come the answer is that as Modi ji is PM haven’t they already come? May be the Acche Din were intended only for Modi ji since the people at all levels keep on remembering the Acche Din of the UPA and wonder when they would come back! Truly, if one was to hear the tall claims of the BJP on News Channels, India has never seen so much growth and prosperity. But if one was to study the doubtable figures of growth enunciated by the government they don’t coincide with a rise in employment that is in the range of 1 %.

The BJP for coming to power made tall claims of how they would carry out task of protection of women. The number of cases of atrocities against women has continued to rise and the government is unable to do anything.

During the days of UPA, Modi ji used to say with a somber and determined voice that if BJP were in power the killings at the border would stop and he would make sure that a befitting reply is given to Pakistan for killing of our Jawans. Since the BJP has come to power at the center and their coalition has been established at Srinagar the acts of atrocities against the forces and Kashmiri people have multiplied by the dozen and the separatists are carrying out atrocities with impudence. In fact even in the case of China the threat he held out of teaching a lesson was forgotten on a swing that he shared with the Chinese leader.

The BJP committed once in government they would bring about policies which would ensure that two crore jobs would be generated every year. The ground reality is that they haven’t been able to generate that many jobs even in three years. The future is bleak and there is no visible plan except rhetoric as to how the unemployed youth will be gainfully employed.

The lies spoken about the farm sector have hit the farmers in the worst way. The promised Minimum Support Price of fifty per cent above input cost was only a Jumla. The Crop Insurance Scheme has only brought about a Ten thousand crore benefit to private insurance companies and has not given relief to farmers. 35 farmers commit suicide every day. The Government coolly looks the other way.

The much tom tommed scheme of Make in India has failed, as the basic requirements for its success have not been addressed. So who is benefitting the most? China, of course, that is producing goods for our consumption at affordable price. The Skill India Program that was going to provide skills to young entrepreneurs to set up their own enterprise to generate income and employment continues to be a paper scheme and has nothing to show for its success.

he commitment to bring back black money of Indian nationals illegally stashed in other countries in the first 100 days was of course a never intended plan. But along with it came a promise that fooled the poor of the country into believing that they would all benefit by Rupees 15 lacs as a result. The promise of 15 lacs as admitted by no less than the BJP National president was only an election Jumla. Another lie told by Modi ji to fool the people.

The promise of providing housing to all and provide 2 crore houses has not even taken off. In three years only 1 lac houses have been made which is a far cry from the commitment in their manifesto.

The price of Petrol and Diesel have been kept high despite the cost of crude having become 33 % from UPA time.During UPA rule even a few rupee increase would lead to blocking of work. The price of petrol and diesel now is even higher than the UPA time. Why has this benefit not been passed on to the people of this country since it would have reduced transportation cost and would have lowered cost of consumables is atotal mystery?

The Lok Pal promise has not been fulfilled at the end of three years since the BJP does not want another body to look at its shortcomings. There is no plausible explanation except lack of will.The atrocities on Dalits have continued to multiply by leaps and bounds. The promises made to provide them better life are forgotten. Whenever an incident happens the top brass of the BJP comes out to condemn them but it is only lip service since no action is taken against those who perpetrate these atrocities.

The National President of the BJP claims that schemes are of the Government and not of any ruling party. Well Said! But if it was so why are all the UPA schemes being re-introduced with a new name to make them look as if they are new and launched by NDA. In fact all schemes announced by the Modi Government are re named UPA schemes. The bitter critics of MGNREGA are now its strongest votaries. Not withstanding that, they make fun of poor and downtrodden in their speeches.

The Goods and Service Tax (GST), that faced the strongest opposition from BJP led by Modi ji as CM Gujarat, is today being touted as the biggest fiscal reform since independence. The Demonetization that was expected to bring back all black money and stop hawala to terrorists from overseas as also stop counterfeiting has proved to be an unmitigated failure. The Government refuses to share the cost to the nation and how much money came back. It was followed up by a thrust to digital economy. The nation had been promised that 2 lacs 20 thousand villages would be connected with Internet. The truth is that all that has happened is that 16 thousand villages have been linked.

For how long would the Modi Government keep on living with Jumlas and befool people.

The Nation pays its homage on the 53rd Death anniversary on 27th May, to its first Prime Minister Pt, Jawaharlal Nehru. With his passing away ended an era, which had seen the growth of stalwarts who laid the foundation to the stability and growth of the country. Nehru ji was recognized the world over as a stalwart, great statesman and a tall leader.

We also pay homage to our beloved leader Sh. Rajiv Gandhi who was snatched away in the prime of his youth by the cruel hands of an assassin on 21st May, 1991. The nation pays its tribute to the great leader on his 27th martyrdom day.