Labour Bureau Facts

Anand sharma 60 Thu, 16 Mar 2017

Labour Bureau Facts

Shri Anand Sharma said that the first phase of the Budget Session in Parliament will conclude today. The second phase of the Budget will commence on 9th March. There were only two things significant in this session one, the Address of the President and the other was the Budget. Arguments on Budget started today, but could not conclude in the Rajya Sabha, because one day was not sufficient, so it will again start discussion in March. On both the issues we have given our comments, on the President’s Address which was unimaginative, hollow and had no roadmap of development. The thinking and priorities of this government are wrong. The promises made by this government in the first Address of 2014, second in 2015, third in 2016 and the fourth now, if you take up the first three, you would note that in most cases, no
work has been done and in others, they have not started. They just announced new schemes and the PM makes new projects with the schemes. No jobs have been found, as per the promises made, which they had made to win elections that they would provide two crore jobs in two years. Five crore jobs have not come and you can see the figures of the Labour Bureau, it hardly shows one lakh fifteen thousand jobs in a year whereas the demand was of two crore jobs and the figures of the Labour Bureau are updated.

These figures relate to the period prior to demonetization. Post demonetization tens of Millions of jobs has been lost across sectors. There have been job losses in organized sector, but in the informal economy, the job and the wage loss is very high. My conservative estimates, India would have lost in the informal sector which contributes 45% of India’s total GDP and production, at least 45 million jobs. It is a frightening situation and the Government has not been able to answer anything. At the same time, the sectors which have been hurt most are labour intensive sectors, ceramic industry, leather industry, handloom, power looms, brassware, glassware, knitwear and you can travel all over the country, you will find the same scenario.

Prime Minister is intolerant to criticism. He lives in denial but he is also arrogant. He has injected bitterness in the political narrative. He has lowered the dignity of his office repeatedly. He has used language which is unacceptable in political debates. He has also dragged political debate to unacceptable low depths. We have been repeatedly urging the Prime Minister to desist from doing this but it is very clear that he actually relishes using foul language, insulting
and berating the political opposition.

We are making it clear the manner in which the Prime Minister has conducted his own speeches, the kind of language that he has used and the fact that he has deliberately provoked and targeted the opposition which is unbecoming of a Prime Minister when he calls the opposition parties scam giving an impression as if he and his party alone and alone represent correct values and integrity required in Indian democracy. Thursday, 9th February, 2017