Mentally Sick Children treated like worse than Animals

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Mentally Sick Children treated like worse than Animals

The condition of mentally – retarded children is worse than animals. Having been immersed neck-deep into corruption the Rajasthan government is insensitive to the specially abled people. About 12 children died due to eating poisonous foods served in the asylum at Jamdoli in Jaipur in April month and around the same number of children are fighting for life at Jaipur government child hospital. The children ate poisonous meals, got infected and subsequently died just because of recklessness of the government officials. The children died a miserable death despite the fact that government provides monetary help for child every besides of donations made by virtuous people. It is a proof of a dangerous dereliction of duty by those responsible for the running of the Asylum as well as insensitive attitude of the administration. But behind all this has been the deep-rooted corruption. In clear violation of the Mental Health Act of 1987, which lays down provisions for having such an asylum in the middle of the city, the BJP government removed it to a rural area just after coming to power.

It was shifted to a place where there is no availability of emergency medical services. When the condition of the children deteriorated, there was no ambulance. They had to be transported in general transport vehicle to the hospital. Had they been brought to the hospital a little earlier, many lives could have been saved. During the process many children suffered fits and later died. This killer government did not bother to take it into cognigence even then and for formality suspended Seven government officials associated with social justice and rights department. Worst of all,the new incharge of mentally retarded home, who was posted after the incident is facing the charge of sexual exploitation of children since 2013 and had even been suspended for that. The horrible death of children has not only stirred the people’s conscience but has also exposed the cracks in the armour of local administrative

The Congress Committee raised the issue forcefully demanding high-level judicial enquiry to probe the irregularities that led to the death of 12 children and even submitted the memorandum to Hon’ble Governor of the state. But unfortunately the officials who were in real sense responsible for this horrendous incidents, were handed over the responsibility of probing the whole matter. Keeping in mind all these actions it appears the BJP government wants to prove the deaths as natural. Otherwise also when children were dying the representatives of the government were blaming the absence of the physical resistance power among children to be the reason behind their death. Despite the fact that medical department clearly said that the cause of death was due to septic shock caused by infected food.

The people of the state seem to have invited misfortune by voting the BJP to power with such a huge number in 2013, because the government has got involved in serving its vested interesting setting aside the issue related to the public. After Lalit-Modi scandal, the mining scam has further eroded the government’s credibility. NCRB has clarified that the present government is incapable of running the governance by proving the figure of crimes against SC/ST and women, which have been on rise. The death of mentally sick children has disclosed that the BJP government does not believe in safeguarding the life and honour of sensitive section of the society and even the laws enacted for their protection are not going to be adhered to. That’s why like butcher house, which is shifted outside the city, the home for mentally sick children too, was thrown away from the township, which is illegal as it equates children with animals. The children lived hellish lives there and which spending time a mindset human extra they finally left for heavenly abode. BJP must atone for the killing of cows and those children in the state as they are responsible for them.