Modi Government misguided people - Bansal

Bansal Thu, 16 Mar 2017

Modi Government misguided people - Bansal

Chandigarh: Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal, former union minister and Shri Pardeep Chhabra president Chandigarh Congress, attacked the BJP Government on 11th March, 2017 for its failure to control the price rise and its failures on various
fronts in a massive public meeting held at Manimajra today. Bansal said that the Modi Government misguided the people.

He said that the result of the Punjab and other states showed that the people of the country have decided to show the door
to the Modi Government.

He said that the BJP leaders made false promises to the people before the election and that the Government has failed on every front.

He said that it was the incompetence of the BJP led Akali Government and its wrong policies which led to defeat in the elections.

The Government failed to fulfill even a single promise made to the people during the run up to the Lok Sabha election. He said that traders, employees, workers all are unhappy with the Government.

Shri Chhabra strongly condemned the Government for its failure to control the rising prices which has broken all the records. He said that the defeat of the BJP is the indication that the people are ready to throw the Government out in
next parliamentary election. He said prices of everything is soaring due to the ineffectiveness of the Government, Chhabra said that by increasing the prices of everything the Government has made the life more difficult for the common men who have been already reeling under the burden of various taxes imposed by the Government after assuming power at the centre. He said the MC headed by the BJP is imposing new taxes every day.

Others those who were present were Surinder Singh, Shashi Shanker Tiwari, Chitranjan Chanchal, Ajay Joshi, Sanjay Bhakti, Satbir, Surjit Dhillon Giriraj, Harjinder Bawa, Joesph, Ramesh Goyal, Bawa and K.R. Mahajan.