Modi Raj spells Disaster for Dalits

Ahmed patel Mon, 07 Nov 2016

Modi Raj spells Disaster for Dalits

Shri Ahmed Patel: The incident that took place at Mota Samidhiyana in Gir-Somnath of Gujarat on 11 July, 2016 and what is happening there now a day in my perception is at matter of shame for all of us. All Indians are feeling ashamed. There was no reason of beating the youths so brutally.

The people had been doing those works for a long time. The animals who had died, extract their skins and those who were farmers had told the police that they had allowed those young men to take the skins of the dead animals, but the moment the incident took place the police did not act against the guilty rather picked up those who had inform the police about the incident, they were taking the villagers to Una. On the way they come across a police vehicle, policemen de board and ask them what the matter was all about, and they took them to police station. After taking them to police station the kind of treatment was given to them is highly objectionable. Not only were this even the parents of those young men beaten up. It was the responsibility of the administration to take them all to the hospital and get treated for the wounds they had caused. It was some kind hearted people who took them to hospital.

The situation prevailing in Gujarat today is explosive. What is happening in Gujarat had happened in Haryana on 20 July, 2016. Particularly, when someone commits suicide by taking poison then as I understand provides a hint of the grave situation. What the earlier government had done, the statistics are given in defence, it should not be done, if a situation goes out of control the message is clear the situation is on the edge of turmoil. What is saddening is that these things are happening at a birth place of the father of the nation, Vallabhbhai Patel iron man of India; and even our Prime Minister. The things for which freedom struggle was fought and even Mahatma Gandhi had said that the goal of freedom movement was not only to secure freedom from British yoke but also to strengthen the values, which we learnt during the freedom struggle like unity, human concern, brotherhood, peaceful co-existence, non-violence, Sarvdharm Sambhav, and also freedom from untouchability- I think that after such a long time those values, principles should be safeguarded.

On the contrary, those ideals, principles etc are being given a raw deal. That too are happening in Gujarat. This is a matter of great shame for all of us. The society for whose upliftment Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar sacrificed his entire life, particularly for those segments are now being subjected to abject injustice and the way those principles and ideals are being abused, the government should thing over it deeply and seriously. The kind of nasty thing which is being said about a Dalit woman who has been the Chief Minister for four times, I think there can’t be anything worse than this. This is the meanest act. I think this is the time the government needs to think deeply. It is a must.

The reason why I am saying this is because the government said that it is a local incident which can be ignored, should not be taken seriously, in my view it is not appropriate. I want the central government to be primarily held responsible for it because Modiji during his poll campaigns had promised to ensure “Sabka Saath, Sab ka Vikas (Support from all, Prosperity for all)” and also to develop the country on Gujarat model. The Prime Minister is silent now, he must be sad, even distracted because the real face of the Gujarat model’s ‘shining’ sequel is coming out in open. We always said that the ‘Gujarat Model’ was primarily propounded specially for the industrialists. I know, his prime concern has been to strategize how a handful of corporate bulls are benefitted. His stratagem has been based on how to divide the people, strike wedge between societies and succeed in grabbing the power.

There first technique was to put Muslim and Harijan against each other to fight foster religious enmity, cause communal clash and then gather votes. You will be surprised to know that here too the first person to be arrested was a Muslim, who was driver. Today I will like to caution the Home Minister particularly, because Gujarat is going to the polls, let it not be turned into a communal riot. I think it is the responsibility of the central government to guard against it. All of you to it very well that the way an announcement was made for a special court the law was passed several years back, that time Dalit were being particularly subjected to cruelty at that time it was said that a special court would be formed, but several years have passed, but no court was setup ever since. It is very shameful. The Chief Minister constitutes a special court with the consultation of the high court only after the incident of 11 July, 2016 took place. Now the task of investigation was given to the CID. I don’t know who the investigation will be conducted? What will they do? Will they also bear the medical expenses or not? The incident takes place on 11th July 2016 and the CM goes to visit the victim on 20th. Nine persons have been arrested so far, but what is the real issue, I will like to draw the attention of the Central government particularly on this.
There are two things, at last it is the central government’s responsibility because it had talked about the Gujarat Model. This matter is not about the beating up of a Dalit youth or his humiliation, but I understand it concerns the whole Dalit community and those who come from the unprivileged class. They all are feeling humiliated and distressed.

Now the BJP has two fundamental issues. Firstly, what is the cause of this growing anger and anguish in Gujarat and other parts of the country? This anger is not restricted to the district, nor to Gujarat but it is galvanizing in the whole of India. I feel the Centre must pay heed to this aspect as to why these things are happening? All of us know why this government allowed the Schedule caste and Schedule tribe atrocities prevention act amendment ordinance was allowed to lapse on 14 July, 2016. Had this happened that time itself, it would have been better, but it was done after the congress mounted pressure. This act was passed in 2015 under the congress onslaught, after the lapse of 18 months. There was no need to delay its
passage for so long.

What happened later? In January, 2016 Rohith Vemula suicide case comes to the fore. I am making this counting because all this has happen during the late two years of the BJP government. In the budgetary allocation for the SC during 2016-17 was greatly slashed from 16.8 to 7.6 percent. The BJP hoodlums ransacked the Ambedkar’s party in June, 2016 at Dadar. In July, 2016 Dalit women’s were gang rapped in Rajasthan and Haryana while an IAS officer protested the
government’s apathy in a case related to the unprivileged community.

Why is it all happening? I am not saying the government that you are only responsible, but what is the reason of it demands to be looked into. If we talk about the rate of punishment in Gujarat then we must compare it with the country, which is only 7 percent. The special court for the SC/ST (prevention of atrocity) Act was finally setup, but is should have been made permanent not the way it is today. Similarly the disparity in castebased income in comparison to other state of the country is the highest. Gujarat has 63 percent Dalits. They work as domestic helps. The daily income on which they depend is 19 percent. They way the private hospitals and others treat them should also be taken into consideration. I am not saying that all things will change for better overnight.  We all will have to shoulder this responsibility to make it possible. I will also like to draw the attention of the government towards one thing. I think the government needs to take seriously the way defence is being tried. There is no control whosoever says whatever he wants to say to anyone here and there.

As I told earlier, that the Ordinance for the SC&ST lapsed in July 2014, but the UGC took back the grants given for the OBC fellowship in September 2015.In October 2015, someone had given an anti-reservation remark. In that matter the kind of explanation that should have come from the government did not happen. Even the minister issues statements comparing the dalits with something. These things are not taking place on its own. The government is required to pay due attention to all these things as well. In my perception, the tragedy that took place in Gujarat is not a good sign for us. That such incidents are not repeated in future, I specially appeal to the government that what is this country is quite prosperous, and it should try to understand. The uniformity is not unity. The unity amidst the diversity is our strength and it is this virtue that our country has remained united. How much this India is theirs is ours too. The people who are living here, are being subjected to injustice, their being deprived, this India is theirs too, the way it is yours. The strength of any government is not measured on the basis of the majority, but on the basis of how the government treats its minorities. Particularly, what is happening with the weaker section of society is very sad, painful. I hope the good sense would prevail on the government, so that they fulfill their obligations of safeguarding the  interest of the weaker section. That they will carry out the legal responsibilities towards providing rights to the people of the weaker section and ensure that they get justice, that such incident is not repeated again.

Whenever such thing has happened in the history, you know it very well that the majority community has tried to display their might and arrogance and the rest who is weaker or is from other class are ignored, such people have always tasted defeat and they had to bite the dust.

Bade naadan hain jo karte hain bulandi par gurur, Humne chadte suraj ko bhi dhalte hue dekha hai. (Those are innocents who show hubris after getting to the
top, we have seen the Sun, which rises finally sets in) So, the hubris, arrogance are not required. You have majority, you are in majority, we accept it, but alongwith it the Constitution which we have, our Constitution, must be taken into account, must be cared for.