Modi Spreading Fear To Rule India: Rahul Gandhi

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Modi Spreading Fear To Rule India: Rahul Gandhi

 Modi Spreading Fear To Rule India: Rahul Gandhi 

Concluding remarks of Congress Vice President  Shri Rahul Gandhi at Jan Vedana Sammelan held at Talkatora Stadium,  New Delhi on 11 January 2017

I would like to begin by giving you a message from Congress President. She sent good wishes, New Year wishes and says, thank you for all your efforts with regards for bringing the demonetization issue to the people. I’ll speak to Azad as has been requested by my friend from Uttar Pradesh. I will speak little bit of English, little bit of Hindi. But I mix it. I’ll mixed it so that everybody is happy.

 You know some time back Mr. Narendra Modi ji said he wants Congress Mukt Bharat. He wants a Congress less India. And when he said that, I took seriously. And I started to think about and tried to understand in greater detail. What exactly it was, that Narendra Modiji meant. When you said, I want a Congress less India or Congress Mukt Bharat. 

A couple of questions came to my mind. One question was, (spoke in Hindi) The first question was, when the idea of the Congress came into being. When did it start? Did it start when Gandhiji came, did it start in 1857 mutiny or did it start much earlier? And the second question is: why are we all sitting here together in this enclosed place? What are we fighting for or what is that thing which has brought all of us together here and in every district and in every block somewhere or the other you can see a Congress worker, and the Congress flag. Our symbol is Hand. So, I started with these questions and today, it is the time of internet, so I started Google search, Hand symbol, Mutiny, I searched these words and when I was doing so I saw an interesting thing, I discovered one thing and my thinking that the Congress Party was a 100 years old party. Almost 100 years old. One day I was looking at a picture and in the picture of Shivaji, I saw the symbol of Congress party. Then, I thought it was quite strange that in the picture of Shivaji, there was the Congress symbol and then I thought of looking at another picture. You just said 70 years. I looked at the photo of Guru Nanak, there was the Congress symbol. I then looked at the photo of Buddha, there was the Congress symbol in it. I looked at the picture of Mahavir, there was the Congress symbol, I looked at the picture of Hazrat Aliji, there was the Congress symbol. I usually keep talking with Karan Singh and I immediately went to Karan Singh and asked him why was I watching the symbol of hand in every religion, be it Islam, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Mahavir and in the Jews religion. Why do I see the Congress symbol of hand. He immediately said that ‘do not fear’. Do not fear of the present situation, try to face the truth. Is it not strange that for three to four thousand years every religion has been teaching this fact. It is also a symbol and we are being taught to see the truth, see the Reality, do not fear the present. 

Then, I thought of some policies of the Congress Party. Through the correspondence of Gandhiji and Nehruji, I saw, do not fear, after that the farmers of India were assured after the Nationalization of Banks in India, the poor people of India, the farmers of India were given the same message, do not fear, we are with you. And sitting here are Manmohan Singhji, Chidambaramji , Ministers of the UPA, senior people are sitting, junior ministers are sitting here. If you see the time of the UPA, whether it is MGNREGA, whether it is the Right to Food, whether it is the Land Acquisition, or be it Liberalization and the Message was, do not be afraid, we are with you. 

 Today morning there was a meeting with the press people, with my friends and they get after me and because I do not hate them and I feel that it is their role, it is their responsibility. To those friends I said: do not be afraid. It was a good feeling that my friends who used to criticize me said that I have said a good thing. 

  This is a battle of two philosophical worldviews. and this is not a new war, it is not just 50 years or 100 years old war. This war is thousand years old. The philosophy of the Congress Party says 

 : do not be afraid and the other philosophy says: fear and scare others. Now, you watch the policies of the BJP and their whole goal was to create fear among people- fear of extremism, fear of naxals, fear of Demonetization, make the press people fear. Within two-three months, these people have spread fear throughout India. How did they do this? We told the labourers, look, do not fear, whatever happens, do not fear, we guarantee to give you 100 days of employment, so, do not fear. Modiji has snatched their money. We told the farmers not to fear, the land which is yours, will remain yours and if anybody tries to snatch your land or if he wants to buy your land, then he would have to give market rate so, do not fear. And what not Modiji did for the farmers of India, fear, my name is Modi and I can snatch your land. It is right. Snatched the bonus. If it rains, hailstorm falls, Narendra Modi will not give you anything. The more fear he spreads, the more profitable it will be. Adivasis stand up, some Adivasi youth stand up and says that this is my land, this is my jungle then he is silenced with a bullet. Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh or Madhya Pradesh, whenever he goes he spreads this fear. And wherever we go, we try to remove that fear.

 The basis of their politics is the structure of fear and to change into the structure of anger. This is their job and this job is not being done for the past two or two- and -a half years on this land but is being practiced for the past thousand years by these people, this ideology is doing. We feel that the people of this country do not have to fear of anything. This is a strong country, this is not a weak country, the people of this country are conscious, are intelligent, they have no shortage of anything, they do not have to fear of anything. In this world, there is not a single thing of which the people of India have to fear. And when we tell this to the people of India, when we tell this to the farmers of India, tell the labourers, tell youth that you do not have to fear and if they have to fear, they should fear the people who do not respect this country. Who do not respect the power of this country? 

 Now, see Modiji said that demonetization is a surgical strike on corruption. I would like to say one thing about surgical strike. Like, I told you about Padmasan by Modiji, like I told you about photos and picked up a detail. Similarly, I will tell you about surgical strike. After the surgical strike, one of his Minister said that see, today, the Indian soldier, the Army of India can do work similar to Israel army, so, before this the Indian Army was below the level of Israel soldiers. I can say that our army is ahead of Israel and were always ahead. So, they do have no trust on India. Their love is with the future of this country but they hate the history of the country, reality of this country. We believe in the reality of this country, the truth of this country. Whenever they go, they talk of the future of making a new India. Is this country so bad? Will make new India, Make in India, Connect India and only one person will make it. Which means nobody else has the capability, are we all fools, whole of India is foolish, only one person will make. We do not know anything, only Narendra Modiji knows and only Narendra Modiji can make India’s future bright. There is a simple deal in it. 

 You explain what is the message of Narendra Modiji, with poor people of India, what is the message of demonetization? I will tell you, that the future of the people of India is in the hands of only Narendra Modiji. Only one person can give you a bright future so give your present time to Narendra Modi and Narendra Modi will give his future to you. The truth is that he thinks that the whole India is foolish, and the whole truth is that you give your present and one person will shine this country and change it. This country is intelligent country. This country drove away the British. This country sent the mission to Moon, this country has understanding. Yes, you do not know that Narendra Modiji had prepared this completely in 15 minutes. What are you saying Goyalji, can this be possible? Those people from ISRO, those from DRDO and what is their concern about it. The photo of Narendra Modi was not there, otherwise a nice event world have happened and the Chandrayan would have been sent by Narendra Modiji and the whole would have watched and the people would say that it is going, it is going to the moon which Narendra Modiji has sent, the Mangalyaan. Surgical strike on corruption. Just wait, all will happen. Interesting things will happen in UP. Good, so, Modiji said and Chidambaramji gave a good speech. He said that the target was to fight against corruption or against the Black money. Modiji, how much Black money has come back? Do tell this. The Bengal unit of the BJP had deposited the money before the speech of Modiji, Bihar unit, it is said, has purchased real estate in every district, the Odisha unit has purchased real estate in every district and the Chief Economic Advisor and the banking facility does not know about it but these people know about it. 

 Jagganath Reddy had spent Rs. 500 crores on the wedding of his daughter and the payment was made through cheque and in new notes. Modiji had said that they have taken tremendous action against terrorism. Two days after our jawans, who are better than Israel, who could teach the Israelis and could teach them for many years, killed those terrorists and from their pockets was recovered new Rs. 2000 notes. Modiji has now stopped talking of terrorism, not a word has come after that on terrorism, sorry, it was an insult. We were trying to get after fake money and this action was against fake money. We asked Ghulam Nabiji to ask them in the Rajya Sabha about how much is fake money. The reply came, just two paise in Rs. 100. Narendra Modiji has stopped talking about fake currency, did not say sorry but talked of cashless economy. Let’s talk about pay to Modi- Paytm, I will tell you about the idea behind Paytm. Chidambaram was talking about Germany where 80% transaction is done in cash. And only God knows what dream Modiji is watching. He is saying that he will make India cashless… has made it and taken the money, all the cash from the farmers, from the labourers, from poor people. They say that it is a war against corruption, it is a good thing but you tell me one thing? Crores of people are standing in the queue, I too had gone and you too must have gone around 3 am in the morning, at 5 am, did you see any corrupt person in the line. Was there anyone there, a corrupt person was behind the bank, inside the bank, people are standing in the line but the door is closed. 

 99 percent people have a limit of Rs. 24,000 but Jagganath Reddy Sahib is marrying his daughter by spending Rs. 500 crores. And what does Modi say, what did Gadkariji do as he too married his daughter. But what was the purpose of demonetization? See, there is only one purpose of spreading fear. Snatched the rights of the poor and in the whole history you will see that whenever fear is being spread, there the rights, of the poor is being snatched, their money, their land is being snatched and this is the purpose of demonetization. Chidambaramji is sitting here, Manmohan Singhji is sitting here. Today, Rs. 8 lakh crores constitute the non-performance assets of 50 big industrialists of India. Narendra Modiji has in the past 21/2 years waived off Rs. 1 lakh 40 thousand crores. Now, Rs. 8 lakh crore is left behind and what to do with it is the problem before Narendra Modiji. The other problem is that the 50-60 families who form one percent of the people, who have taken loans from the banks are not able to return it to the banks and the whole economy is in a fix. So, Narendra Modiji has done surgical strike on the poor people of India, on farmers, on the labourers, so if Army can do it, so also can Narendra Modi do surgical strike against the poor, labourers, farmers, middle class people and on small businessmen. 

 Just now, Antony ji was telling that, maybe few hours ago or a day ago, a letter was sent to RBI whether you are ready for demonetization or not? And the next day the announcement was made which means that you have rejected the institution and undermined it. Like this sometimes happens in the Congress Party, like there is election in Punjab, there is election in Uttarakhand and which sometimes happens in the party system and bypassing it, another person is given the ticket over the other. It sometimes happens in the Congress Party. But the Congress Party has not done so with the RBI or the judiciary of India and as I had said in the morning that these are the spirit of India and this can never happen with the spirit of India and shall never do it. I have told the press people that you can write as much about me and I will never threaten you or would ask for compensation. 

 So, the purpose was this, that how Rs. 8 lakh crores is to be snatched by demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes and finished them like in films where Amitabh Bachchan delivers his dialogue and similarly Narendra Modiji delivered his dialogue to the countrymen. Sorry, sorry, please pardon me. Friends, each one of you put your hand in your pockets and the 500 and 1000 rupee notes in your pocket has turned into waste paper. Friends, we are waging a war against corruption. You give me your present and I will give you a bright and new India, ten to fifteen years later. And understand this that Arun Jaitelyji, Sushma Swarajji or Rajnath Singhji will not give you this bright India. Only Narendra Modi will give you this bright India. So, snatch money, snatch it from the poor and deposit in the banks and wanted that the money remains in the banks for a long period and this was the planning. The money of the poor people remains in the banks for 6 to 7 months, so that the loan is cleared, and Rs. 8 lakh crore is paid off. Limit of Rs. 24 thousand was enforced. In the ATMs, Rs. 2000/- note was not calibrated, otherwise it would have come into action. Like during the 15th August, we distribute sweets to the children at the Congress office and in the same way Narendra Modiji has given Rs. 1200 crore as sweet to Vijay Malaya, take this as a gift and be happy. And see, and this will happen that the Rs. 8 lakh crore will go into their pockets and the money of the poor people will go in their pockets. Snatch from the poors and flourish the rich.

There was a movie, you might remember. It was ‘Namak Halal’ if you remember. Amitabh Bachchan was acting in it but I did not see it but I remember the dialogues, remember the songs. “Aapko to lagta hai bas yeh sapna, Ram Ram japna, garib ka maal apna”. So, this is the philosophy of the suit-boot government and they are putting this burden on you. Modiji, talks about corruption and the paper that is in my hand, Modiji has not replied to those questions. It is written in these papers at that Modiji got money one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine times in six months. Sahara has given money to Modiji. It is written here that Rs. 25 crores was given to Narendra Modi by Birla, against which is written… half done, the rest is question mark. Narendra Modi does not want to give reply to these questions. So, above you is the Congress Party and their leaders and workers, the soldiers, is an army to drive away you fear. It becomes your duty to visit every village in India, in colonies and in homes and tell the people of this country that the RSS and the BJP are damaging the country. By threatening the people, is spreading hatred, is taking action against the poor by way of demonetization are snatching the money from the poor people of India and are damaging the future of India. I will also do it, you all shall do it we shall all do it together. One thing which I can tell you is that they think that by spreading fear in India, these people want to rule, those people think that by threatening the people of India, by spreading hatred they can rule over India. I am telling you from this stage onwards that the Congress will defeat them and shall remove them. We do not hate them, we also do not are angry with them. You see, we shall defeat their ideology. So, I thank you all, and the senior people who have come from different states and the youth who are standing behind them and the boys are sitting, girls are sitting, I also thank all of you. Thank you for coming here.