Our party will fight election to put an end to the 27-years old chaotic and anarchic governance: Sonia Gandhi

Sonia gandhi Sun, 21 Aug 2016

Our party will fight election to put an end to the 27-years old chaotic and anarchic governance: Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Due to ill-health Smt. Sonia Gandhi could not finish off her scheduled tour to Varanasi in the last leg of mega her show. She had to be admitted to the hospital in Delhi for treatment.

Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi expressed her gratitude to the crores of countrymen and Congress workers. “I had been nursing the desire of visiting this sacred place. I am filled with emotion after watching the love and excitement among the workers and supporters. I want to say that they have no idea of the might, the Congress Party wields. The Congress Party is not an organization or a group of people, it is a thought which is prevalent in every part of the common masses. The Congress exists in every city, village and home everywhere there is Congress, which can’t be finished off. This is nothing but a thinking that keeps the country united. Without the Congress no imagination of modern India can be possible.

The BJP government promised a lot during the last two years, but what changed in reality? Poor and lower class people are neglected but here they are subjected to torture every after. My dear sisters have been toiling hard and are struggling under the impact of the rising costs. Our farmer brothers are having to suffer various troubles and hardships, their back are breaking. Unemployment is the biggest problem.

This government is the government of the few people, government of a few corporate houses. The poor, downtrodden and minorities are languishing and an aims about their future. The belief created on the foundation of false promises, can’t survive long. The people will ask the question and teach them a lesson.

For last 27 years, the people of UP have seen several governments Excerpts of the Statement issued by Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi on 2nd August, 2016. come and go but most of them remained busy in politicking on the basis of religion, caste and creed. That’s all. Nothing else, did they ever do.

Your state used to be once among the developed states, but during the last 27 years, it has lagged behind. UP needs a government of development, that of the poor and downtrodden, of women and youth; and such a government can only be given by the Congress Party. There is an urgent need of an experienced leadership at the helms of affairs to change the scenario of Uttar Pradesh and only Sheila Dikshit can provide such a role.

Our party will fight election to put an end to the 27-years old chaotic and anarchic governance for which every Congress worker will through their weight behind the Congress candidate. I have full faith that the Congress Party would form the government in which law and order, women, my sisters, my poor brothers and the deprived class would get the top most priority.

The election is just round the corner, the foundation of the country is based on Ganga-Jamuna Culture (Tehjib), this is our bounden duty to safeguard this culture (Tehjib). I hope that the election will be conducted in peaceful manner. We must defeat the forces harping on castism and communalism. New future of the state should be built based on mutual tranquility, social justice and development.

Due to ill-health, I could not complete my tour, which I deeply regret. I was deprived of an opportunity to have darshan of Kashi Vishwanath in the Shavan month. I will be getting back soon to have darshan of this sacred place, its residents, the ancient and historical temple, very soon. I am indebted to the residents of Varanasi for their love, over-excitement, and massive response from the core of my heart.” Jai Hind!