People In This Country Understand The Blood And The Tears That Our Leaders And Workers Have Given To This Country: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul gandhi congress party leader Mon, 16 Jan 2017

People In This Country Understand The Blood And The Tears That Our Leaders And Workers Have Given To This Country: Rahul Gandhi

  People In This Country Understand The Blood And The Tears That Our Leaders And Workers Have Given To This Country: Rahul Gandhi

Opening remarks of Congress Vice President  Shri Rahul Gandhi at Jan Vedana Sammelan held at Talkatora Stadium, new delhi on 11 January 2017 

The BJP and our Prime Minister are in the habit of saying or asking what the Congress party did over the last 70 years. People of this country understand very well, what the Congress party did and didn’t do over the last 70 years. People in this country understand the blood and the tears that our leaders and workers have given to this country. 

And I can name state after state where Congress workers and Congress leaders have sacrificed not only there sweat, but there blood. I can see my friend from Punjab but I like to ask from the BJP how many of their workers gave their blood in Punjab. I can see from my friend in Assam, I like to ask the BJP how many of their workers gave their blood for this country. And I can say that, not only about Assam and Punjab, I can say that for state, after state, after state and I can say that not for 5 years, not for 10 years I can say that for more than 100 year. So we don’t need to explain, what we did or did not do over the last 70 years. 

 The BJP under Narendra Modi ji, has done in 2.5 years, what we did not do in 70 years. Every single institution that we constructed. Whether it is the RBI, whether it is the Judiciary

whether it is the Election Commission, the BJP, RSS and the Narendra Modi has weakened. There is today, no institution in this country that is respected, we have come here to speak about demonetization. People say demonetization was a bad decision. For the first time in our history a prime minister in India is been ridiculed the world over. For the fist time this never happened in this state. Never before has every single economist of any repute said the prime minister in India has taken such a incompetent and badly thought out decision, so we did not do this over the last 70 years. The RBI governor is an institution that we respected, the institution that is the financial bedrock of this country has been ridiculed, the position of the RBI governor has been ridicule. And the reason is the RSS and BJP are under the impression the no body’s opinion in the country matters except theirs. The demonetization decision was a personal decision of Mr. Narendra Modi. Today, I read in newspaper that the Prime Minister says that he is going to transform India. The Prime Minister needs to spend some time among the poor people of this country, the Prime Minister need to go to the farmers in this country, the Prime Minister needs to go to the labourers of this country, the Prime Minister should ask himself why suddenly auto sales have fallen by 60%. The Prime Minister need to ask himself, why suddenly the MGNAREGA which was criticized in Parliament, suddenly has so much demand, the Prime Minister need to ask himself why, people suddenly are running back to the villages, instead of running to the cities and looking for the job. This is not transformation India is looking for. The Prime Minister promised jobs, in 7 years there has not been us much unemployment there is today. So, Prime Minister Jumps, he jumps to, lets clean India, to lets do surgical strike, to lets demonetizes, he keeps jumping to another. And the people of India keep wandering when are ‘Achhe Din’ to come, when the good days to come, lets me tell the people of India ‘Achhe Din’ only going to come when Congress party comes back to power in 2019. 

I am very happy and proud that all of you have stood up to Congress ideas, have shown the people of India exactly what the demonetization decision has cost them, have shown the voice of the people of India because that is tremendous pain in India. A friend in the media I can’t see them, where they are these days, they are under certain constraints you know, there is one who are worried maybe they should have not have said so much. But in their heart they all understand exactly what is going on. And they come to me, they come to me, they come to me, they come to me that you know would like to say certain things but ‘Hawa Badal Gai hai’, these days nothings to be said. Phone call comes. (Bola nahi jata hai. Phone Call aa jata hai). So we understand the predicaments, we understand your nervousness but we would also say to them that there is a responsibility do you have in raising the pain that our people are feeling, the pain that people of villages are feeling, and you must not shy over too much that from your responsibility. 

 (Spoke in Hindi) 

 Two and a half years ago NarendraModiji came to power and he made tall promises and claimed that he would clean India and gave a broom in every hand and asked them to clean India. It was just a fashion and it continued for about threefour days, Narendra Modiji too used the broom and then forgot it. And India was thus cleaned! Now, let’s go to another topic. 

 After the ‘Clean India’, it was ‘Make in India’, then it was ‘Connect India’, then it was ‘Start-up India’ and then it was ‘Skill India’. Then he did some yoga at India Gate. 

 But the difference between the Congress and the BJP is clearly visible, let me tell you. If you read carefully, the reality cannot be hidden and you must have seen when BJP leaders were sweeping the streets, they were holding the broom in a wrong way. Narendra Modiji was also holding the broom in a wrong way.

 When yoga was done, it became a big fashion, it was nice to watch, but ‘Padmasan’ was not done. I notice everything. I have done yoga, but for some time and I am not an expert. The yoga teacher who was teaching me yoga told me that a person who can do yoga, can also do ‘Padmasan’ and those who cannot do ‘Padmasan’, cannot do yoga. So, from there we go to ‘Skill India’, Yoga, ‘Make in India’, ‘Teach India’ and we don’t know where we are, he has many things working in his mind and lastly it was demonetization. Leave aside the economists of India, the economists of the world, who were there before us in the Hindustan Times Conclave, said that the theory that we gave, the Prime Minister could not understand the concept of demonetization. Those who gave this concept said that the Prime Minister has not done demonetization at all. The emphasis of demonetization is on High value notes which were to be withdrawn but instead the Prime Minister rather introduced 2000 rupee notes. 

  Demonetization is just an excuse, and NarendraModi has realized that he cannot hide behind ‘Yoga’, ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’. And when he felt nervous, he tried to hide behind home-made economist, Baba Ramdev and VogleJi and in this process broke the financial backbone of India. While speaking in English, I had said that our friends from the Press use to speak boldly and openly when Dr. Manmohan Singhji was the Prime Minister and Chidambaramji was the Finance Minister. Today, they do not speak openly, they do come to me and say that they have fears. They are afraid of losing their job if a phone call comes against them, so please try to understand. 

 We do understand and we do not want to put you in trouble but you too have some responsibility. You must have witnessed that there has been 60% less sale in the Automobile Sector. Today, we have reached a situation that was 16 years ago. NarendraModiji should ask himself as to why there was 60% less sales in the automobile sector. On the one hand, he speaks of ‘Make in India’. Automobile is the centre of ‘Make in India’. NarendraModiji should be asked why there is suddenly so much demand for MGNREGA, the same programme of the UPA of which he had made a mockery. He said in the whole world as to what Congress Party has done; we asked labourers to dig pits. He should be asked why MGNREGA is so much in demand today. He should be asked why so many people who were migrating to the cities to fulfill their dreams in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. They are returning back to their villages. This should be asked to Narendra Modiji. This should be asked from our friends in the Press. We do ask them and we shall continue to ask them. 

 So, Narendra Modiji what we did not do in 70 years, you and the RSS have done in 21/2 years. We have given respect to our Constitutional institutions, respected the judiciary, we have respected the RBI, respected the Press and maybe we have respected them more than enough. These institutions, in a way. constitute the spirit of India and these very people who talk about our religion, talk of Hindu religion are busy killing the spirit of India. RBI is an expression of India and a judge, sitting in the court, represents the spirit of India. When a person is working in a factory, he represents the spirit of India. And when you three-four people perform world’s greatest financial experiment, without asking anyone, without telling anyone and laughing asked Goyalji that the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes in your pocket have become pieces of paper which is just scrap. He said that the income, which is your blood and sweat. Narendra Modi has within minutes turned your blood and sweat into scrap. Who are you, what are you, now the country will be run only by Narendra Modi and Mohan Bhagwat. That is why we are standing here, we want to tell the country that we are protecting the spirit of India, we will keep these institutions of India safe. We will keep this voice of India protected and the thinking of these people, the thinking of Narendra Modiji, the thinking of Mohan Bhagwat that only two-three people will run India. We shall fully oppose this thinking and we shall defeat them. I had said that I would not give a lengthy speech. Thank you all very much! v