Resolution on the prevailing political & economic situation in the country

Cwc   resolution Wed, 16 Nov 2016

Resolution on the prevailing political & economic situation in the country

The CWC, at its meeting held today the November 7, 2016 took note of the developments and the challenges that the people have faced and:- Unequivocally condemns the terrorist attack on the Brigade Headquarters in Uri that resulted in the death of 19 soldiers. India had spoken in one voice supporting the action of the Special Forces of the Indian Army in undertaking strikes to neutralize the terrorist camps along the LoC on 29th September 2016. The Congress Party had welcomed the statement of the DGMO and strongly supported the cross-border action and the valour displayed by our soldiers Places on record its appreciation for the sacrifices of our soldiers in securing our frontiers and safeguarding India’s territorial integrity.

Expresses profound distress over the rising incidence, in recent months, of terrorist attacks from across the LoC in J&K on India’s defence and security establishments and the killing of security forces and civilians. Deplores the attempt of the Government and the BJP to whip up hysteria and create a division in the polity on an issue on which the whole nation stood united. The CWC is of the considered view that this is most unfortunate and counterproductive. Regrets the misleading statements made by Ministers of the government, led by the Defence Minister who has made an astonishing claim that this was the first time, in three decades, that the Indian Army had taken action across the border against potential terrorists This is an insult to the Indian Army which had, on several occasions in the past, firmly dealt with terrorists and infiltrators and secured the LoC and the International Border. Urges the Government to observe restraint and discretion and give up its crude attempts to gain political advantage out of an essentially military action. False claims, chest-thumping and jingoism have no place in a mature democracy, especially on matters concerning the defence of the country. Notes that the policy of One Rank One Pension and the mechanism to implement it were announced by the UPA government in February 2014 and endorsed by all parties in Parliament.

The CWC, however, notes with deep regret that the NDA Government has distorted the policy of One Rank One Pension and has failed to fulfill the promise made to the serving and retired defence personnel. The claim of the government and the Prime Minister in this behalf is hollow and untrue. Exservicemen have been forced to resume their struggle for OROP.

Offers its unequivocal support to the ex-servicemen in their just struggle to win OROP, removal of anomalies in implementation of 7th Pay Commission to Armed Forces, withdrawal of order on reduction of ‘Disability Pension’ and downgrading the order of precedence in relation to other civil services. This meeting of the CWC, Deplores the Government’s actions in launching an assault on democratic rights by misusing the police and the laws and illegally detaining the principal opposition party and its leadership to prevent them from taking up the cause of ex-servicemen. Condemns the escalation of atrocities on Dalits, Adiwasis and Minorities and the violent attacks on the poor who have raised their voice of protest in many parts of the country which have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity among the people. It is deplorable that persons occupying positions of responsibility in the Government and in the ruling party have encouraged and endorsed the actions of individuals and organizations responsible for these incidents and acts of violence. Strongly condemns the apathy of the government towards the farmers and agricultural workers. In the last year, farmers have suffered because of a severe drought that was followed by floods in several parts of the country.
The government failed to make any effective intervention including raising the minimum support price, waiving farmers’ loans or providing adequate insurance compensation for crop failure. As a result, there is acute distress in the agrarian sector and a large number of farmers have been driven to commit suicide. It is a matter of deep regret that the government remains a silent and indifferent spectator.

The CWC, Recognizing the gravity of the situation in the state of J&K on account of continuing unrest and violence leading to deaths and grievous injuries to hundreds of civilians as also members of security forces and cowardly terrorist attacks. The CWC expresses its deep concern and sympathy towards the people of Jammu & Kashmir, who are living in this challenging situation. CWC expresses grave concern on the daily ceasefire violations along the Line of Control and the international border and the consequent loss of lives of soldiers and civilians besides displacement of thousands living close to LOC. We call upon the government to take initiative to find a credible and pragmatic solution for restoration of normalcy.

Expresses serious concerns over the State of the Indian economy and observes that despite Government’s efforts at inflating figures and glossing over and misrepresenting numbers, the growth is far below what is claimed.

Notes that key parameters of the economy — investments, savings, Gross Fixed Capital Formation, credit growth, capacity utilization, merchandise exports, and job-creation — are in sharp decline. Contrary to the boastful claims, the Indian economy is not surging but is struggling. The government is attempting to hide behind one figure of GDP growth but there is widespread doubt about that number because it is not compatible with other verifiable data that is available in the public domain.

Reminds the NDA-BJP government that it came to power on the promise of creating two crore jobs annually, but its policies have created a situation of jobless growth. No new jobs are being created. Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost in labour intensive export sectors and in manufacturing. Rising unemployment has resulted in anxiety and despair among the youth and their parents and families. The CWC is of the considered view that the Government, which had assumed office in an environment of hope and high expectations, has comprehensively failed to deliver on its promises. The people, especially the unemployed youth, the poor, the dalits and the minorities, traders and the common man and woman feel completely betrayed and are deeply disappointed that two and a half years have been wasted.

This meeting of the CWC, Associates itself with the concerns of the citizens and the media over growing intolerance, centralization of authority, arbitrary and partisan decisions, abuse of power, and misuse of government agencies to target political opponents, critics and institutions. Warns the Government that its undemocratic methods and acts to curtail liberty, freedom of expression and violation of fundamental rights of the citizen as enshrined in the Constitution will be strongly resisted.

Exhorts the Government to take stock of the unprecedented spurt in the price of all essential commodities that has put extraordinary strain on the budget of common man. While farmer continues to suffer on account of inadequate MSP for his crop, common people and housewives are bearing the brunt of unchecked price rise and unregulated hoarding of essential goods. Expresses deep concern and alarm over the continuing and deliberate attack on the independence of the judiciary and the delay in appointments of Judges to the higher judiciary, which has adversely affected the judicial delivery system. Urges the government to immediately embark upon a course correction, focus on governance, address the genuine problems of the people, fulfill the many promises that were made when it assumed office, create jobs for the youth of the country, and deliver on its promise of better days and increase in prosperity for all the people of India. Conveys to the Government to take note of the alarming environmental situation reflected in the smog and pollution that has enveloped the National capital of Delhi and the entire north India. We urge upon Government of India and Government of Delhi to rise above their adversarial relationship and find lasting solutions to the problem.

Resolves that the Congress party will continues its struggle to expose communal and divisive agenda of BJPRSS and reactionary forces and the failures and the double speak of the Modi government, and will champion with greater vigor the cause of the poor and the marginalized.