This government has proved failure on every front. instead of moving on the path of progress, our country is regressing

Gulamnavi Wed, 15 Feb 2017

This government has proved failure on every front. instead of moving on the path of progress, our country is regressing

This government has proved failure on every front. instead of moving on the path of progress, our country is regressing

Synopsis of 'Motion of Thanks' on the President’s address  

 Rajya Sabha
Synopsis from the speech of the Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad during discussion on “Motion of Thanks” on dated 2nd February, 2017. 

 THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION (SHRI GHULAM NABI AZAD): Concerns have been expressed on Kashmir issue in the Presidential Address. It is a matter of great concern that many security forces have lost their lives and hundreds got injured in the terrorist attacks. This Government has proved a failure in checking incidents of infiltration. Many soldiers have lost their precious lives in the recent avalanches in the valley. 

 Hence, I request for increasing connectivity in hilly areas on the lines of connectivity in the Kutch region. The Government should concentrate more on the issue of poor condition of roads in Jammu and Kashmir. It is sad that many civilians got killed and injured during the tussle between security forces and people. Many of them are languishing in the jails. Government should take some concrete steps in this regard. 

 It is very surprising that instead of feeling apologetic for demonetization, this Government is taking credit for that move. At the outset the Government has said that this move will put stop on black money, counterfeit currency and terrorism. But unfortunately this move has not affected all these things at all. My question is that when all of the money has already been deposited in the banks then where is the black money. In the process of demonetization some of the bank managers have earned a lot by illegal methods. In this connection many cases have been reported by the media also.

Actually instead of curbing black money this process has helped to generate black money. In this Address there is a mention about farmers. But in reality due to demonetization, farmers do not have money to buy seeds, fertilizers and insecticides. The number of farmers being committing suicides is increasing. Still this Government is talking about their welfare.

 Our party tried to persuade the Government to waive off their loans but nothing has been done in this regard. Now the situation of farmers is very pathetic. Our mothers and sisters always save some money for the adversity. But this move has affected them very adversely. The Government have forced the senior citizens, women and small children to stand in the long queues. Many people have lost their lives also. Still Government is taking credit for demonetization.

 As a result of this move not only construction industry but the other industries associated with this industry is also on the verge of closure. A large number of labourers have become unemployed . All economists including our former Prime Minister have predicted about the fall in GDP as a result of this move.

 Even the international media has criticized it a lot. It is very strange when we raised our voice against demonetization then this Government termed us as the people having black money. Actually, no experts have been consulted for this process and this is the main reason for shortcomings in this planning. People have to suffer a lot due to this move. 

 In our opinion, BJP has leaked this information to their people in advance. That is the reason they had deposited crores in the banks and purchased the land also in cash just before demonetization. In the absence of employment opportunities our country will not be able to progress. Today the state of all industries is pathetic. Now the people are migrating back to their respective native places. Its a big question that now how they will feed their families. This Government has proved failure on every front. Instead of moving on the path of progress our country is regressing.