Congress has always fought for farmers and labourers: Dr Manmohan Singh

Kisaan rally 26 Wed, 22 Apr 2015

Congress has always fought for farmers and labourers: Dr Manmohan Singh

Congress president, Hon’ble Smt. Sonia Gandhi ji, the heart-throb of the youth, Shri Rahul Gandhiji, respected Members of the working Committee, brothers and sisters who have come from all over India. 

Today, you all have gathered here, to oppose the anti farmer forces, the anti-farmers’ policies of the government. It has been almost a year since the Modi government came to power. 

In this eleven month, Modi ji had shown a dream to the people of the nation and particularly, to the farmers. But the reality of these anti-farmers’ policy and its meaning has now been under stood by the farmers and farm laborers of India. The Congress party has always been fighting for the interest of the farmers and the laborers and led by Sonia ji and Rahul ji, we will surely find success in this struggle. Modi ji used to go everywhere and say that we will give proper price to the farmers for their crops, but what was the reality? The prices are falling, be it of wheat, of paddy, of cotton, be it sugar cane and the farmers are very sad about it. In addition, the unseasonal rain has destroyed their crops. The past government had been standing with the farmers in such a situation. 

But the Modi government is not concerned about this and it has also been seen that it is not giving any attention to our MGNREGA like scheme. The farmers are not getting proper attention and thus the anti-farmers’ policy will soon be exposed. It seems that the ordinance which Modi ji has brought is to weaken our Act of 2013. The provisions that were given to the farmers are being diluted and specially, the provision for the prior consent that is required, by which the land of the farmers cannot be snatched away, those provisions are being completely demolished. Apart from the provision of consent, effort is being made to even remove the Social Impact Assessment. 

We will strongly oppose these anti farmers’ forces. We request Sonia ji and Rahul ji that they should guide us in this effort. With these words I welcome you all who have come in large numbers and have encouraged us. Jai Hind!