Congress Party wants to take everyone together and move ahead for progress: Rahul Gandhi

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Congress Party wants to take everyone together and move ahead for progress: Rahul Gandhi

While addressing the people at the closing ceremony function on the 125th anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehruji, Shri Rahul Gandhi said that the violence that took place has left the people sad and in pain. Today morning I had gone to the Samadhi of Nehruji at Shanti Vana as our custom, I offered flowers on the Samadhi, folded my hands and remembered him, then I went and sat down. 

When I sat down I saw that around 150 children were singing, I closed my eyes and I felt comfortable. The present atmosphere that our government has made in India the atmosphere of religion, atmosphere of caste, has divided our India. When I closed my eyes and thought about the song they were singing, it was the voice of Hindu, voice of a Muslim, voice of a Sikh, the voice of any caste, voice of any religion and if can hear these voices in this song and I tried to make out how the voice of a Sikh sounds like? What kind of voice is of a Muslim? How does a Hindu voice sounds like? How does the sound of Adivasis sound like? But I could not make out any of such voices in the song I could only hear one voice and that was the voice of children. 

There were girls in them, boys were there and they were all singing. I then thought that this the Congress Party this is our India, where we all can stand together and speak in one voice, our ideology can be different but at the end when we all stand up and sing a song our voice is one and that sounds very sweet and good. Then I thought about us and the RSS people there are hardliners in them and they are present in every religion what is the difference between them and us? The difference is this that we want to give space to all the people and we want the people should be provided space and they want that all should sing together in one voice. The song should be sung in one voice. They want to paint a picture of only one colour. 

Today is Nehruji’s birthday and I have heard a lot about Nehruji since childhood, even thought about him. People say that Nehruji was a democrat, that Nehruji was a secular, that Nehruji was a person with modern thinking, but if you think about him, if you go deep into it, we would see that he used to regularly ask questions, whenever he would see something, he would immediately ask questions. Presently, I have a meeting with you all, you all come and there is an interaction, a discussion takes place, somebody says this somebody says that. 

The meaning of Congress Party and the meaning of our India is to include everybody in that interaction. There has to be a consensus and thereafter replies are given, which also was a similar experience of Nehruji and the 50 years of this political experience, was this. The people of our country in a way have started interaction among themselves a country of its kind who do not ask questions about themselves and about the world, the country that lives in small villages, with no connection with outside world. Steadily, that country has started asking questions about themselves and the world. Some years ago I had gone to Europe and there was a technical centre. I visited the technical centre, some boys, around 6-7 were designing automobile. 

I asked them why do you fear? There was an Indian and Chinese boy in the group. European boys said that we want to work for eight hours, we want to have good food. But these boys from India and China do not worry about working for eight hours, they work for 16 to 18 hours, we know that we cannot compete with them. I asked that these brothers of yours who are sitting with you, who are competing with you, how did they reach here? Forty years ago, or 50 years ago they were not here? If you had sat here 40 years ago in this room then you would have only seen Europeans here, so how did you reach here? One boy told me, that Gandhiji has made them reach here from the villages. Earlier, they were working on their land and their whole life would have passed like this, they would not have come to us. But Gandhiji has inspired them and today they have reached Mumbai, have reached Delhi, have reached Europe and they are posing problem for us. Then, this change, this transformation that is taking place in India, earlier, when we all were staying in the villages, we never used to ask so many questions this change has been brought by the Congress Party and people like Nehruji, Gandhiji, Ambedkarji and Patelji. 

Today, you see our Prime Minister in Parliament, he does not take interest in the Parliament. People from the opposition raise questions but the government and the Prime Minister do not take interest. I want to remind you that when Nehruji was the Prime Minister and when Atalji used to stand alone in Parliament, then Nehruji used to hear him, used to respect him. Because Nehruji knew that there was sense in the opposition. There was some experience in the opposition and we have to include them in our progress. Today, there are talks about intolerance. Dalit boys are burnt in Haryana, in Dadri, someone is killed in the name of religion. This will not benefit India. India will benefit only when we all move together ahead in brotherhood and this thinking can be of the Congress Party. If you ask the RSS, or the BJP, or Narendra Modiji, they do not require any questions, because they have all the answers, they know everything. People of India does not know anything, the opposition does not know anything but their leaders, leaders of the BJP, their leaders of the RSS, they know everything. 

But the truth is, if they had known it, then better days would have come. Today, the people of India is watching and is saying that better days have not come. One religion is being set up to fight against another, little children are being burned and our Prime Minister is not saying anything about it. He goes to England and says, “India is a very intolerant country and we take all the people together,” he does not say this in the Parliament. The work of the Congress Party is to take India ahead by taking along everybody together. Space has to be made for everyone, despite his being from any religion, be from any caste, despite being a woman or a man, a space has to be given, and this work you all are doing every day will continue to do so. I wish you on the birthday of Nehruji and I also want to wish you on the victory in Bihar. Particularly, our people of Bihar who are sitting here, I want to wish them, want to thank them that you joined together with Nitishji and Lalluji and gave a great blow to the thinking of RSS and the BJP and the same thing we wish to do in other states. 

I thank all of you.