Kamat said ‘Congress is among people’

Addressing img Tue, 15 Mar 2016

Kamat said ‘Congress is among people’

Jaipur: A joint meeting of the Executive Committee and office-bearers was held at the Congress headquarters here on 3rd March, 2016.

Addressing the meeting AICC general secretary and Pradesh incharge Shri Gurudas Kamat said that trust in the thought of the party was the ‘mool mantra’ of a strong organization. He said all the Congress workers should do their responsibilities as per the directive of the state leadership. He said this dedication of party workers was witnessed in Gujarat recently when Congress won Panchayat elections in 24 of the 31 districts which were under the top leaders of the BJP and this was a historic victory. Such a unity will decide the victory of Congress in the Assembly elections. 

Shri Kamat said that despite being not in power at the centre, Congress is present among the people. Congressmen should make the slogan of Congress president Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Congress vicepresident Shri Rahul Gandhi that Congress is with all class of people. He said that in future, programmes will be held to make the party active. He added that
the executive has been expanded to give representation to all classes of people. 

Pradesh Congress president Shri Sachin Pilot said that during the past two years the BJP has lost the trust of the people. With the abuse of Constitutional values in the state, the democratic value also has been insulted. The BJP representatives are dissolving their constitutional pledge and are speaking the language of criminals and the BJP organization in not taking any action but are giving them mute agreement. He said chief minister Smt. Vasundhararaje Scindia should ask pardon from the Congress and say sorry to the people because they are doing criminalization of politics. He said that today it is the duty of all Congressmen that in the interest of the nation and without any discrimination and according to the directive of our national leadership, we maintain secularism, social unity and personal independence which will generate trust for Congress among the people. The truth is, that a criminal case against mining scandal and Lalitgate incident should be filed against the chief minister and panchayat conference be organized in every district. He said a large Dalit convention will be held in Jaipur in April.