Rahul Gandhi leads Congress delegation to give memorandum to President on ‘Sacrilege’

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Rahul Gandhi leads Congress delegation to give memorandum to President on ‘Sacrilege’

New Delhi: Congress delegation, led by Congress Vice-President, Shri Rahul Gandhi, on 19th November, 2015 gave a memorandum to the President of India against the Badal government for unable to control the flared-up situation that has erupted in Punjab after the incident of sacrilege that happened in Bargari village in Faridkot district where the pages of Guru Granth Sahib were torn and strewn on the road outside a Gurudwara and which has hurt the sentiments of the people. The unarmed protestors were crushed by opening fire on the people by the police in which two civilians lost their lives. 

The memorandum asked the President to ensure a judicial inquiry into the incident which is being thwarted by the Badal government. “On October 14th, the Punjab Police open fired on a crowd of unarmed protesters in the Faridkot District, killing two civilians and grievously injuring several others. The group assembled to protest the police’s inaction in the case of sacrilege of the Guru Granth Sahib at Bargari village that occurred last month. The general public was deeply saddened by the complete failure of the Badal government to make any progress in the investigation, and had assembled peacefully to put forth their point of view to an indifferent government. According to some media reports, the weapon used by the police was an AK-47 assault rifle a lethal Punjab government and the Punjab Police has hit an all-time low. 

Many people believe that instead of providing protection to the public, the Punjab Police is beholden to the Chief Minister and used for stifling dissent and intimidating adversaries. To guarantee that those responsible for the firing are brought to court, we believe that it is necessary that the Punjab Police firing incident be investigated impartially. We request you to intervene urgently and ensure that a judicial inquiry be ordered by a sitting Judge of the Honourable Supreme Court of India and that the inquiry be completed in a time bound manner. The demand for a judicial inquiry comes from Punjabis all over the world who are deeply concerned that their state’s development is being thwarted by the Badal government. In such a serious situation, it is crucial that justice is upheld and the rule of law be restored.” weapon conventionally used during war and high-risk combat, and totally inappropriate for crowd control. 

It is unfortunate that the Punjab Police showered bullets on the peaceful protestors as they were reciting hymns invoking the Almighty. Following the firing, large-scale protests across the state compelled the Punjab government to register and FIR into the incident of brutality. However, the government has failed to name any police officer involved in the firing, and deliberately made the FIR vague to allow tampering and cover-up during the investigation. 

Normally in an event of illegal police firing, the responsibility falls on the state’s Home Minister, who in this case is Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal. However, in the absence of a clear answer from the Punjab government and the manner in which it is dragging its feet in the investigation, it is evident that the guilty are being shielded.