Spying in the name of enquiry!

Spying1 sandesh Mon, 01 Jan 2001

Spying in the name of enquiry!

I have to ask a particular question from this government. Sir, on 2nd March, 2015, an ASI of the Delhi Special Branch went to the official residence of Shri Rahul Gandhi at 12,Tughlaq Lane with a performa, which is with me. Thirty five years ago I first became a Member of Parliament. In these 35 years I was in many ministries.

Around 1986, I was incharge of Punjab and since then I have remained in ‘Z’ and ‘Z+’ category. I did not see such a performa, which today is being said is for protecties. This performa, I do not understand for a person who is of ‘Z+’ category and who is a SPG protecti, suddenly why is this performa given? Shri Rahul Gandhi is not a new SPG proctecti, when his father was the Prime Minister since then till date he is an SPG proctecti, till then any police, Delhi Police, Special Branch did not feel the requirement of this performa to go and record his complexion, how is his hair, what kind of clothes he wears, what are size of his shoes, I do not understand where is the question of this size of his shoes linked to a politician and a protecti, what are his phone numbers, what are his habits, what does he eat and drink, whom does he meet, who are his friends, who are associates, his  aides, what  are  their telephone numbers.

I do not understand whether this kind of performa is for the democracy of India. I see in the newspapers today that a list in which the names of three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred  people appeared. I would like to tell that on 14th March, two senior officers Additional DCP Shri Jatin Narhwal and ACP Shri  Anees  Rai had  gone to his residence. This time these two officers started gathering information about his associate and about them.Why this, I do not understand? Here, the leader of the House is present, the Communication Minister is present, Parliamentary  Affairs  Ministers is present, Forest Environment Ministeris present  and other  ministers  are present, I want to ask the government that this kind of enquiry, be it for Rahul Gandhi or leaders of any political party, whether he be from our party or any other party sitting here or sitting in the other House, is a kind of spying? Does this government want to create fear for the leaders of political parties, threaten them and want to put pressure on them so that if the leaders of political parties  raise  their  voice, whether it is in the House or outside the House, then the Central Government would adopt any kind of means to threat and create fear for those political rivals? This is not a police State? India is proud of its democracy, not only India is proud of it, the whole world is proud of it but the whole world gives the example of India.

Hon’ble Home Minister should come here and give a statement, because this is not just against any person, whether it be Rahul Gandhi, be it other senior leaders or the leaders of the opposition, it is about their privacy, and it is against that and against the democracy of India.