Take the message of Panditji to the people: Dr. Manmohan Singh

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Take the message of Panditji to the people: Dr. Manmohan Singh

Today is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s 126th birthday. On this occasion the Congress Party has for the past one year while giving tributes to Nehruji in every corner of the country has tried to convey to the people about his services for the country. I want to tell you that today there are certain forces in India, which are bent upon creating misunderstanding about the role of Jawaharlal Nehruji in making a new India. That is why I feel that it is very necessary for all of us to go to the people and once again tell the people and try to explain about the making of new India, free India, in which Nehruji made a big contribution. During the freedom struggle, Jawaharlalji and his whole family and their participation, can certainly be seen in the history of India. 

Mahatma Gandhi had foreseen before the advent of independence and had understood it very well that in taking new India on the path of progress Nehruji should be his successor. All the people know today that in keeping the process of democracy in the Indian government what contribution Jawaharlalji had made. He then laid the foundation of democracy but worked tirelessly for 17 years to make this democracy strong. Thus, I want to say to you that keep this in mind that those who want to put obstacles in this democratic process they, in the right manner, be called the rightful claimant. When democracy was just made, the roots of democracy were to be made strong and for that Panditji had worked tirelessly for that till the end. 

That work was to give freedom to farmers from feudal (Zamindari) system. That work was to give chance to a strong public sector to move ahead and alongwth that to eradicate poverty through Science and Technology and through all possible ways. Today, there is talk about allround progress. Our Prime Minister talks about progress, wherever he goes, he wants to impress the people on the name of development, but the fact is that one has to understand the work of development and what has to be done for that. In this regard Pandit Jawaharlal Nehruji had started thinking about since 1936. Panditji was the chairman of the National Planning Committee formed by Subhash Chandra Bose. 

And National Planning Committee was making a big plan on behalf of the Congress Party. When India got freedom, then Panditji handed the work of planning to the Planning Commission, and alongwith it talked about setting up a strong public sector. New dams were built for irrigation and Hydro Electric Projects. Through the Public Sector there was much acceleration in the Steel Industry and the work what Panditji has started in eradicating poverty, you cannot find an example like this in the world. Today, there is a requirement that we go to the people of India and tell them about the works of Panditji and warn the people about the misunderstanding that is being spread by the present government against Panditji and that they do not find success in it. Today, there is much discussion about secularism. It was the thinking of Panditji and his whole life was spent in taking ahead secularism, in understanding secularism. 

India is a country where people of many religions live, people of many castes live but there is a differences, that these people get united and move ahead for progress and that there should be no chance of difference be made among them and that all should together give their contribution in making this new India. Today, once again there is a talk about the communal forces trying to make one fight against another. If these forces find success in their plans, then India can incur lot of loss to its democracy, unity and integrity. Therefore, it is our duty that while giving our tributes to Panditji we take along his legacy and his message. How vital it was then and which is even needed today and to take this to the people it is necessary for every Congress Party worker has to work seriously. 

Therefore, on this pious occasion when we offer our tributes to Panditji we should also keep in mind the strong belief we move ahead on the path shown by Panditji and take this new India rapidly on the path of modernization and progress and we shall give all the help required in doing so. Alongwith progress there is a need of social justice. Infact progress and social justice are the two names of one thing. If progress does not reach the poor, if progress does not think about the development of the backward class. If progress does not think about the well-being of the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes. 

Then that progress has no meaning in reality. Progress has to go on but alongwith social and economic justice should also happen. This has been the mission of the Congress Party and shall remain the mission of the Congress Party that progress has to be with social justice, progress and social justice should together move ahead with the Congress. We all should give our contribution in moving these ahead. This is my hope and my prayer. Whatever Rahulji has said to the youth of India to take the message of Panditji to the people of India and we too shall move shoulder to shoulder and march ahead. 

Jai Hind!