Indian National Congress

Vbk priyankagandhi reuters Sat, 06 Jun 2020

Now is the time for us all to support these people; the people who have made us all, the people who have faith in you, who have made you, supported you. - Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Smt. Priyanka Gandhi greeted everyone by saying ‘Namaskar’. She said, “Today, Congress workers and Congress leaders are raising their voices, nationwide, in favor of those who are the most affected by the lockdown and the corona epidemic. We are doing so to enable the government to pay heed to them. It is one of our demands that Rs. 10,000 be deposited each in the accounts of the needy, with immediate effect. Our second demand is that for the next 6 months, Rs. 7,500 per month be deposited in the accounts of the needy. Read More >