25 Schools burnt in Jammu and Kashmir

Abhishek manu singhvi 1 Wed, 30 Nov 2016

25 Schools burnt in Jammu and Kashmir

Dr. Singhvi said this is extremely serious. It is serious because the whole Nation’s heart bleeds, when J&K bleeds and J&K today, forget the Pakistan factor, forget the cross border firing, it is bleeding because 25 Schools have been burnt . Kashmir is a matter of concern for each of us because you have 111th day of the curfew, virtually without interruption. We, as a Nation, as an Opposition and as Congress Party are shocked because all that we are asking you for is a Plan, a Roadmap, a Short-term plan, a Medium term plan or a Long term plan or all three. If you can’t share it with the Nation, please share it with Constitutional functionaries. It affects each one of us. Can you imagine the plight of a single child who misses a month, a quarter consequently a whole year, can you imagine the impact on his long term future. I am not talking about that child but I am certainly talking in very sarcastic term about the children of those so-called ‘Senior Leaders’ of separatist organizations whose children are receiving the education even conducting exams and tests unde special camp held schools.

Does the Government have a Policy, does the Government have a way out, does the Government have a solution, and does the Government have a Roadmap or a Plan. Nation has waited for over 3-4 months, how much longer will the Nation wait?

Dr. Singhvi said the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ is not easier. This is yet another example of a hyperbole Government of a ‘Jumla’ Prime Minister who has inundated your senses for 2-1/2 years. He has done a blitzkrieg of acronyms and ‘Jumlas’ on you - chief amongst which was ‘Ease of Doing Business’ right from his campaign in 2013 and immediately after taking over in 2014. After so much of ‘Hulla-Gulla’, so much of ‘Shor Gul’, so much of ‘Dramabazi’, so much of ‘Jumlabazi’ and so much of ‘Acronyms and Slogans’.

Dr. Singhvi said in a great move in 30 months from 131 to 130, you have on 7 out of 10 criteria actually regressed, the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ is a World Bank criteria, on most of them you have regressed or slid behind, some you have increased a bit which is why the average has moved one figure up. You are and this is a published report, you are behind almost every BRICS country and BRICS is not a hyper developed world, you are behind Russia, China, Singapore, South Africa, even Nepal and of course Brazil because if they have moved up 5 places or 7 places or 10 places, you have moved up only 1 place.

‘Make in India’ is a part of ‘Ease of Doing Business’. You cannot ‘Make in India’ without ‘Ease of Doing Business’. You cannot have ‘Start up India’ without Stand up India’. ‘Start up India’ has start failure and ‘Stand up India’ can’t stand up as far as Modi Government’s ‘Neeti’ is concerned. This Logo of a Lion which is what he launched, ‘Make in India’ has a Logo of Lion. This Lion is not even roaring. It is behaving like a meek cat. Unfortunately this is what happens when you keep on making tall claims. And if you mix up both ‘Make in India’ ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in India, you get a shocking result. You also get shocking result that Industrial Growth in the first 5 months of this current financial year, ‘Make in India’ and which has been the lowest in 10 years. Friday, October 28, 2016