400 Acres of valuable land

Singhvi Thu, 16 Mar 2017

400 Acres of valuable land

Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that they should be investigated in the shortest possible time because this was the announcement in the shortest possible way because the facts are first of all startling serious but also comic at one level. 400 Acres of valuable land which is virtually in Delhi Gawal Pahari is just on the Border of Delhi and Haryana worth approximately Rs. 3,000 Crore is transferred, released and re-mutated from the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation name to the names of several individuals on a dispute which was going for 30 years.

The curious part is firstly that the Collector, in his order of 02.01.2017, notes specifically that he is acting as per the advice and orders of no less than the Chief Secretary of Haryana. Secondly, after this, the Collector is promoted as a Director, Town & Country Planning a post far great in jurisdiction and powers regarding land in that entire area for the whole State of Haryana not merely Gurgaon. Thirdly, we value the value of the land which is of approx. Rs. 3,000 Crore. The Government, purely for cosmetic purposes, after an uproar and outcry raised purports to appeal. Strangely the Government appeals against its Collector’s order to the Development Commissioner and gets a Stay. At the same time promoting the Collector, obviously it raises for 4-5 very clear issues which we ask through you, require very-very urgent,
comprehensive investigation firstly an independent non-biased Body to investigate the criminal and civil aspects of what is clearly a Scam and report within 4 to 6 weeks maximum. Secondly, the Government, particularly allot at the advice and instructions of the Chief Secretary recorded in the 02nd January.2017 order. Thirdly, Chief Secretaries do not act on their own so easily. So, who was the superior authority to the Chief Secretary to whom these instructions have been conveyed through the Chief Secretary to the Collector? Fourthly, why this promotion and no action against the Collector? These are vital issues because this is no less than a very big Scam of extremely valuable land in the immediate neighbourhood of Delhi.

We brought in RTE - a revolutionary thought. It is a story in the making, it is an unfulfilled task but even the progress - we got 96% Gross Growth Enrolment Ratio in the primary level. But unfortunately in the secondary level, it remains at 54%, in the senior level it remains at 24%. This Government has nothing to improve these ratios. In fact, the Act which we got the RTE which itself provides for a minimum list of infrastructure which each ‘prathmik’ or primary school must have. It is found that only 10-12% of schools have those? Unfortunately, this Government has been focused and concentrating on improving HRD and Education through its own distorted definitions. Its definitions of improvements do not include GE Ratios, provision of infrastructure or increase of budgetary allocation. They include use of phrases and acronyms and ‘Jumlas’, which the PM is fond of. So he creates a ‘Sankalp’ and a ‘Swayam’ but we have virtually no figures of achievements for ‘Sankalp’ and a ‘Swayam’ two schemes.

Energy is devoted by the names ‘Skill-India’ - another acronym - another Jumla - but 20 Government Departments, Institutions are supposed to be added to implement ‘Skill-India’. I think it is an admission of failure. If you have anything being implemented in 20 departments, your energies are focused in appointing inappropriate, inapposite downright unsuitable persons to positions to occupy Institutions like ICHR and the FTII. Your focus is to re-write text books, your focus is to make cosmetic changes but where is the concrete achievement on the ground. That is the question we are
asking through you. Monday, 6th February, 2017.