A protective “Kavach”

Abhishek manu singhvi Tue, 30 Aug 2016

A protective “Kavach”

Spokesperson: Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi: He said I think it is one of the greatest myths which this Government has tried to propagate deliberately misleadingly in a manner intended to obfuscate,confuse, confound derail and digress that this is a corruption free, scam-free Government. The truth is that not only is it full of corruption and scams but unlike the previous Government, it believes in taking no action at all in regard to what it considers its own. If you are a BJP Minister or Chief Minister, if you are an office bearer of the RSS or the BJP, if your political sympathies lie with the ruling right, then you have an immunity, you have a protective ’kavach’ on you, a shield which can’t be penetrated.

This is true of Chhattisgarh Mr. Raman Singh and addition to Rs. 36,000 Crore PDS rice scam, we have the most recent conclusive proof in the Panama Papers context. Companies directly traced to his son. So, the ’Acchhe Din’ definition is a definition for the scams and the licence is that ’Do corruption with impunity, we are here to protect you’.

In Rajasthan, just to avoid, and preempt the impending auction of Mines, over 653 Mines were allotted, handed out involving a potential auction value of over Rs. 2 lakh Crores and 22,000+ Hectares. Just before the auction policy was about to be implemented, what has happened 2-3 people have been arrested,nothing else. Such a big scale of allotments could not have happened without full complicity at the State Chief Ministerial level.

Eknath Khadse scam is well known involving his own wife, his sonin law, close relatives, large amounts of money and no willingness to accept, to apologize or to go away from office, clinging to office till the last minute, solely as a last resort inevitability till he resigns.

In the previous BJP Government, we had great names like the UTI Scam and the HUDCO Scam, large amounts of money-more importantly Bangaru Laxman clear candid camera Scam and the Judeo Scam.

Have you forgotten the Reddy Brothers and the re-installed, rehabilitated Mr. Yeddyuruppa in Karntaka.

Who is Mr. Modi talking about as a corruption-free, scam-free Government? Is this not an attempt to mislead, misguide, confuse and confound when you forget VYAPAM, lakhs of students over many years, if you charge even Rs. 100/- per student, the amount is gigantic and humongous. That particular Department is under the CM for many years. His former Secretary has been in jail for long time. Deaths have occurred over multi-states - over 50 deaths.

Nothing concrete has been done against the top echelons.

The GSPC scam we have raised recently in Parliament as far as Gujarat is concerned. The moment it is mentioned, an arch of immunity immediately springs. There are many more examples, I can give and continue to give from the Maharashtra ’Chikki Scam’ to several other Scams. The point is that before this Government talks of ’Swatchh Bharat’ ‘Cleanliness of Bharat’, they have to initiate the cleansing process of BJP State Governments across India, of BJP Ministers and Members of BJP, Office-bearers and sons and sympathizers and Members. They have to explain why no action is ever taken if you belong to the BJP and why action is taken within seconds if you happen to belong to a political configuration which is opposed to the ruling dispensation. This is the reality of the BJP; this makes the Prime Minister’s claim hollow. Friday, 1st July, 2016.