Aakrosh Diwas

Jairam ramesh Fri, 16 Dec 2016

Aakrosh Diwas

Spokesperson: Shri Jairam Ramesh: He said that I first of all want to clarify that the Congress Party has not given a call for Bharat Bandh tomorrow. Tomorrow is Jan Aakrosh Diwas when protest rally will be taken out but we have not given the call for Bharat Bandh which is wrongly being interpreted. India is closed automatically after the decision of Modiji on 8th November thus we are not in favour of Bharat Bandh, we are against this demonetization and there will be protest rallies, Jan Aakrosh demonstrations will be held.

This shows ‘Monumental Mismanagement’ as the former Prime Minister had said. You know that Prime Minister had this in his knowledge, and the Finance Minister knew about it that it would take about 250 days to print Rs. 1200 crore of 500 rupee notes, despite this fact, the decision was taken knowing that our capacity is just five crore notes per day. We did not know how will this happen or where it will be printed, but it was clear that if it is printed in India, it will take 250 days. 
Another point that emerged out was that the National Investigation Agency’s opinion is that Rs. 400 crore counterfeit money is circulating in our economy and around 50 to 60 crore is added to it every year. the counterfeit money of 400 crore forms 0.02 percent of the total cash of our country. This means that to fight 0.02% problem, the pressure is being put on 80% people and are put in problem. Prime Minister speaks of making Cashless Society. In which world is he living, this
may happen after 100 years, but the truth is that today, the economy runs on the basis of banks.

So, we do not know when will this problem of notes, particularly the problem of Rs. 500 rupee notes will end within 250 days. Rs. 500 rupee notes are there in the market. It is not that the counterfeit money is not there and have been stopped.

I once again want to say that there is no Bharat Bandh tomorrow and there was no such decision by the Congress Party. The opposition parties will hold ‘Aakrosh Diwas’, rallies will be there, protest processions will be taken out but there will not be Bharat Bandh, we do not want that people suffer because of us. This is a wrong interpretation by the BJP that Congress wants Bharat Bandh, whereas it is the Aakrsoh Diwas. Sunday, 27th November, 2016.