Babri Masjid

Kapil 20sibal Tue, 16 May 2017

Babri Masjid

Shri Kapil Sibal said that Babri Masjid was attacked on 6th December, 1992 and two FIRs were lodged, it is 25years when this incident happened and today we are in 2017 where two trials are going on after 25 years. In Lucknow, it is said that 800more witnesses have to be presented and only 156 witnesses have been heard and it has taken 15 years.

On 8th December, 2011 it was decided in the High Court that day to day proceeding should take place. After this decision since 2013 till date 183 adjournments have taken place, of which CBI had taken 56 adjournments but the High Court wanted day to day trial and on 36 days, there was no judge. If after 25 years we have reached at this place then maybe in the next25 years it will be conviction time and who will the CBI officers arrest and where will they go and search.

It is a joke, that we talk of rule of the law and many big names are involved and few of them are Governors, ethics has to be there. If a case is going against him, then how can one who is involved in a case, and if he happens to be a Governor, then it is a matter of concern, and any government is not serious about it. The reality is, if you have to maintain rule of the law then this should not happen and you know that when the judgment came from Judge Bhalla, the CBI did not file an appeal and the state government did not make a notification. Justice Bhalla  had said that it was a technical matter and our unanimity should have been there, of the High Court.

So, still it can be rectified, that also did not happen, the state government did not agree and the CBI did not make an appeal. We hope that at least law should be protected, on the other side the humanity should also be protected and not much is spoken about it, it also is not printed in newspapers and I wanted to place before you some facts which I have placed. Friday, 7th April,2017