Burning Holes into pockets’ of the People

Sushmita dev Sat, 30 Jul 2016

Burning Holes into pockets’ of the People

Spokesman: Ms. Sushmita Dev: She said that the Modi Sarkar is spending over 1000 crores in a propaganda campaign, singing ‘Desh Badal Raha Hai’ We want to categorically state that- yes India is changing. Desh Mahangai se badal raha hai, Naukriya na milne se badal raha hai, Kam Kamai se badal raha hai aur Bachat na hone se badal raha hai!

From now on the ordinary Indian will already be burdened by a 15% Service Tax which will make rail travel, mobile usage, insurance, health check-ups, eating out at restaurants and a slew of other basic services costlier for the ordinary Indian. This insensitive Government has not even spared the common man already reeling under high prices of Dal and vegetables and has dealt a double blow by increasing the cost of non-subsidized LPG cylinder by Rs 21 and commercial cylinder by Rs 37. Even ATF fuel for Air Travel has been hiked by a steep 9.2% making it difficult for families to travel in these summer holidays.

Service Tax increased the burden on common people by imposition of 0.5% additional cess. In 24 months, Modi Government has increased Service Tax from 12% to 15% i.e. a huge increase of 3%. Many essential services like mobile usage, health checkups, air travel, restaurant meals, movie tickets, telecom and DTH services and credit card, banking services, ATM usage, electricity and internet bills will all become costlier. And that’s why people are saying “Abki Baar, ChauTarfa
Mahangai Ki Maar”!

Burning holes into the pockets of the ordinary citizens through cess, taxes, excise duty, service tax etc has become the principle aim of this Government. To profit from windfall gain of 73 Billion US Dollars (Almost 5 Lakh Crore) in International Crude Oil Prices is the underlined agenda of this insensitive Government. Increasing diesel prices in this drought year and back stabbing the farmer is the pathetic scheme of this Government. It defics any logic, whatsoever to hit the farmer with a diesel price hike, even as he is facing almost a calamity in the shape of unseasonal rains and hailstorm and inclement weather that has flatten crop across north India.

In August 2015, wholesale onion prices reached a record high crushing the consumers. More recently, onion prices have crashed completely killing the farmers. Thus on the one hand, the consumer is crushed, on the other the farmers are forced to shed its onion produce on the roads.

With prices rising and most economists advising that consumption to be encouraged, the government’s policies are causing a reduction in the disposable income of the people. Modi Government says that inflation is under control, but one only needs to see the prices of pulses, vegetables, spices and mustard oil to call his bluff. Shri Khadse’s Dawood Links & Corruption Allegations Prime Minister had repeatedly stressed on zero tolerance of corruption that no member of any political party would be spared even if he/she belongs to his own political party. But we are observing double standards and hypocrisy in the PM’s rules to fight corruption.

In the last few days, there have been several news reports against Maharashtra Agriculture and Revenue Minister Shri Eknath Khadse of his links with underworld fugitive and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

It was under pressure from opposition, that CM Devendra Fadnavis ordered a probe against Shri Khadse who had to be immediately removed from his post by the CM. Wednesday, 1st June, 2016.