Campaign of misinformation

Abhishekmanusinghvi Fri, 16 Jun 2017

Campaign of misinformation

Dr. Abhishek Singhvi said that it is quite astonishing the amount of misinformation and distortion which has been going on since today forenoon in regard to the court proceedings of Young India / National Herald. I sometimes wonder if the Government does not have better things to do or focus on governance in this country than to circulate unsigned notes of briefing to all of you which are actually campaigns of misinformation and distortion.

We have one such note which is the government’s version of what happened regarding the judicial challenge in the Income Tax matter of Young India. It is a very sorry sad state to find the government agencies by proxy through anonymity deliberately engaging in incomplete, partial, distorted, slanted misinformation possibly bordering on Contempt of Court because it is deliberately distorting court orders passed in our presence my presence because I happen to be the Counsel arguing the matter. This shows the unambiguous, clear insecurity and vindictive approach.

We are proud to be associated with the National Herald. We are proud to be associated with the Newspaper which in the preindependence era stood up for free speech when the Britishers were tightening and throttling free speech very similar to present day climate. National Herald stood up for certain ideals and we fully support with pride this initiative. I am now not talking of today’s case but we have already dealt with it from this podium for reminding you. Has anybody benefitted financially from this? Section 25, ‘Not for Profit’ Company the Act prohibits paying out dividend, prohibits the giving of pecuniary perks etc. Who has gained financially? It is a Section 25 Company. No financial gain is possible. Has there been any asset transfer none. Can a political party receive or give loans , provision says yes. Is it a real estate company, is a somebody’s fertile imagination to think so. These are properties owned by this Company for decades. And who can benefit, it will remain property of ‘Not for Profit Section 25 Company’.

Yes, we understand that the ruling party wants to indulge in this campaign of misinformation only because either they want to supply information to their proxies who are fighting us in Court or they do not want to go by the facts because they are scared of the fact. Friday, 12th May, 2017