Chinese interference in the domestic affairs

Kapilsibal Mon, 30 Jan 2017

Chinese interference in the domestic affairs

Spokesperson: Shri Kapil Sibal: He said that the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman made a comment on the situation in Kashmir following the encounter of Burhan Wani and this is posted on Chinese Foreign Ministry’s website and I quote “China has taken note of relevant reports. We are equally concerned about the causalities in the clash and hope that the relevant incident will be handled properly”. This is a direct interference in the domestic affairs of India and what is surprising is that the Government of India has taken No note of it.

This is a statement of 19th July 2016. Neither the Prime Minister nor the Foreign Minister has expressed concern about the statement. A public statement should have been made by the Prime Minister on the Floor of the House to express both concern and response to the Chinese Government by alerting them that they should not fish in troubled waters and that they have no locus-standi to comment on the internal affairs of India.

This is very serious and this is the result of a lack of maturity in our foreign policy. When Dr. Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister, we kept a very delicate balance between our relationship with the United States and with China and considered both of them as partners in the progress of this Region. The present PM, of course EAM is irrelevant, the present Prime Minister has not handled the situation with any sense of maturity.

Shri Sibal said that he is sure that the Opposition will raise this issue and Prime Minister should inform the House about his position in the matter and I am sure that the House will unanimously express concern over the statement but we don’t expect the Prime Minister and the Foreign Ministry to keep quiet for two days on an matter of great importance but along with that another serious thing has happened -

Speaking on the NSG, Sushma Swaraj said that we are engaging China, now we have accepted that China has been opposing us but we will continue our efforts. And even if one does not agree, we will try to persuade. This is his attitude and what is the attitude of China. China replied that we do not frame rules like a new member goes to the GST, then it would be done as per international rule and according to international law NPT is very significant, which will go against the nation’s NPT. How could they become the member of the NSG. Then the remark about Kashmir, second talk of investment and third thing is that you are not a member of the NPT, then now will you be the member of the NSG? So, this is what forms Modi’s foreign policy.