Confusion galore in Modi ’s governance

Kapil sible july2016 Sat, 30 Jul 2016

Confusion galore in Modi ’s governance

Spokesperson: Shri Kapil Sibal: He said that there are three issues of paramount significance which we would address to. Firstly the Pakistan policy, secondly the NSG and thirdly the Emergency. We should start with Pakistan policy, at paramount 8 security men which killded. During last 5 months about 50 Pakistani terrorist have crosed over to India. This is the figure given by this government, it is not ours.

I want to say that our PM has no idea of diplomacy, he does not know what the diplomacy is all about. Shri Sibal said: “track to diplomacy is adopted in a very silent, sober manner without any show off but we see none of that. We just see on Television everyday as if something historic has happened and what is the reality Pathankot, Gurdaspur, Pampore that is the reality on the ground and we will be raising these issues in Parliament.” Second issue concerns the NSG. The PM tours the whole world- Switzerland, Mexico, Tashkand, even China and goes on to announce that Switzerland, Mexico and Ireland are all with us.
but what happened. None of them supported. What kind of mean policy Mr. Modi is adopting. Diplomacy is not a light and sound show. Unless there is total agreement never announce anything. Now he is saying that I will be trying a second chance. I appeal to him not to berate the country’s status. Do what everything you want but without show off.

Thirdly about emergency, this is very sad Even though I, can understand that you celebrate a historic event. It is simply baffling and foxing that you are talking about something that had happned in 1975 in 2016, that too, in Mann Ki Baat. But how do you have an anniversary on Emergency? What benefits does he want to extract from it today?

Advani Ji said it in June 2015 after Modi Ji became PM that “at the present point of time, the forces that can crush democracy notwithstanding the Constitutional and legal safeguards, are stronger”. Advani Ji knew that constitutional amendment has been made and he was talking about those in power. There is a silent Emergency already in place. Monday, 27th June, 2016.