Curbing the Privileges

Shri jairam naresh ji press briefing Thu, 29 Sep 2016

Curbing the Privileges

Spokesperson: Shri Jairam Ramesh: He said that the Congress Party was to move the Privilege Motion against Subramaniam swamy because during a debate on 4th May in the House and he (Swamy) had made a number of serious allegations against the Congress Party. Following the order of the Deputy Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha and the pressure built on him by the Congress Party, Swamy later submitted 13-page-long documents on 6th May after authenticating them to the House. The facts which had been mentioned in the document, were totally baseless.

These 13 pages contain an email of two pages- Subramaniam swamy to Subramaniam swamy- and the rest 9 pages have been taken from This website is being run by someone named Aiyar, who is a devotee of PM Modi and uses to participate in his meetings. Subramaniam Swamy, S Gurumurthy and a professor of the Indian Institute of Management, Dr. R. Vaidyanathan are associated with this website. Only the references to the speeches of Swamyji are to be found on this website. The website owner Aiyyar says P for Performance guru but after watching the website, it becomes clear that it is not Performance guru but the Plantation guru. Only God knows about which order of which court Swamy is talking about on this website.

Along with Subramaniam swamy Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar too has authenticated some documents. These documents are not the judgments of the Italian court but are the minutes of the meetings which have been so far organized by the national security Advisor, M.K. Narayan. These people spread a canard both in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha that the Italian court has opined that there is a scope of registering a case against the Congress leadership. It is all absolute farce. There is nothing like this in the court order and these people are only misleading the country. These people will have to face its consequences.

The Privilege Motion will be brought in the Monsoon Session because it was the last day of the proceedings under the Session and the Congress Party will very soon be sending the legal notice against Aiyar for defamation. The government should identify the culprit of the bribery in the Augusta Westland case and take the stern action against him. We have our self demanded that the investigation should be carried out under the supervision of the Supreme Court in order to ensure the impartiality during the probe. Shri Jairam Ramesh said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for making irrelevant statements. His statements lack truth and substance. But he continues to do it because of his old habit. Making comparison between Kerala and Somalia after visiting the state is not only defamatory for Kerala alone, it is a defamation of the country as a whole. We all know that Kerala tops the list of the Indian states from the standpoints of literacy, women education, health awareness, infant mortality rate, women empowerment and social development too. Kerala is far ahead of Gujarat. What was his intension behind this derogatory remark when Kerala is the country’s cleanest state? It is the most digitalized state of India and it is better than America in terms of standard of living and social indexes. The model of the Self-Helf Group of women adopted by Kerala is itself a paradigm for the entire country including Gujarat’s Kutumbashri. Against this background, comparing Kerala with Somalia by the Prime Minister visiting that state is not only bad in taste rather, it amounts to crossing the limits of decency which should be condemned by the country’s intelligentsia as a whole. Thursday,
12th May, 2016.