Demand for Jobs

Manish tiwari Tue, 16 May 2017

Demand for Jobs

Shri Manish Tewari said that between the May of 2014 and the April of 2017 India needed to create about 350 million jobs to meet the flow of about a Million young Indians who join the employment stream every year.

As my colleague was pointing out on Saturday that in the first 2 years first 24 months - of the NDA Government - only 4.4 lakh jobs were created. So, what you require was 240 million jobs in the first two years and what this Government created was only 4.40lakh jobs. What this means is that every employment opportunity whether in India or abroad is extremely precious for every young Indian and it is in this context that the decision taken by the Trump Administration in order to drastically scale back on the H1BVisa programme as well as the decision taken by the Australian Government to scrap what is called the 457 temporary Work Visa is extremely disappointing but what is even more disappointing is the fact that this Government the NDA-BJP Government which had made tall promises to young Indians in the election campaign of 2014 has completely failed to work with both the American and the Australian Government to try and convey to them the Indian point of view.

Since the H1B programme started in 1990, India has been the single biggest beneficiary of that programme as also of the 457 temporary work permit issued by the Australian Government since it commenced.

So, therefore, these barriers to entry which are going up while you want to have globalization of capital, globalization of labour is something which should have been rigoursly taken up by the current Government.

The silence of this Government has been absolutely deafening and we do hope that this Government realizes that young Indians are not forgiving to those who do not honour their promises and complete it. Wednesday, 19th April, 2017