Denigrating Democratic Institutions

Manish tewari press briefing Thu, 30 Jun 2016

Denigrating Democratic Institutions

Spokesperson: Shri Manish Tewari: He pointed out that the picture that has emerged after the completion of two years of the BJP rule at the centre clearly reflects that this government has been ruining the democratic institutions in his country.

Its first step was to abolish the Planning Commission and replace with the Niti Aayog. No one s in a position to comprehend the exact role the Niti Aayog is supposed to play. The country was in the middle of the 12th five-year planning system, which was ending in 2017, but this government abolished the institution itself and introduced a body, called Niti Aayog instead which is tasked to plan for one and a half year. Finance ministry too is adopting a prevaricating attitude while the whole country is utterly confused about whether the planning for the country’s future would be made or not, and even if it is done who will be preparing the future planning for the country.

Similarly, this government took authoritative decisions of interfering in the matters of the National Institute of Films & Television (NIFT) at Pune and the Jawahar Lal University (JNU) in Delhi and dented their reputations. This government did not spare even the judiciary. When the court gives its verdict against this government, even its ministers start shouting that the judiciary is trying to infringe upon the authority of the legislature and is attacking the government. What is most disturbing is its ongoing planned attack on the institution like the Reserve Bank of India. The government is doing all this with a purpose of benefitting its friends from the corporate sector and is hatching a conspiracy so that the RBI Governor is removed. Despite so many happenings, PM Modi’s complete silence is really beyond any one’s comprehension. But this government is following the path used by the Fascists.

There are ministers in Modi’s government, who want some roads of Delhi to be renamed. They do not even know that this is the work of the municipal corporation. If they had to do these kinds of works, what for are they sitting in the Parliament and holding the post of Union ministers. They should have fought the municipal elections and sit in the municipality of their areas. Wednesday, 18th May, 2016.