Disrespecting former PM

227151 manmohan03 getty Thu, 16 Mar 2017

Disrespecting former PM

Shri P. Chidambaram, Shri Anand Sharma and Shri Kapil Sibal said that firstly he does not come to the House to listen to anyone from the opposition. Today he was scheduled to come at 5 O’clock. He deliberately did not come at 5 O’clock and hecame to the House only after the last speaker from the opposition had concluded and then he begins his speech. Within minutes of his speech, he attacked the former Prime Minister in the most
unacceptable manner.

Translated what he said was for 50 years Dr. Manmohan Singh occupied various positions and one must learn from him how to take a shower wearing a rain coat. It was in extremely poor taste. It is unbecoming of a Prime Minister to use such language of a former Prime Minister. It is certainly unbecoming of anyone to say such harsh ugly statement about Dr. Manmohan Singh. We are very-very disappointed, very-very angry with what the Prime Minister said and we expressed our protest by walking out. We could have stayed back in the House and created a ruckus.

We would have stormed into the Well of the House and shouted down the Prime Minister but that would have, in the circumstances of today, brought us down to the level of the debate which the Prime Minister wanted. We do not want such a debate to take place. we have walked out registering our protest. we want the people to know that no Prime Minister before the present Prime Minister has used such language against a former Prime Minister.

Shri Sharma added that you can check the record. No where we have called Prime Minister the names. If he behaves in a
dictatorial manner, yet we have not given him names. The fact is that he is behaving in an extremely arrogant and insulting manner towards the entire Opposition. He has also insulted the memory of India’s martyred Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi.

He has used unacceptable language about former Prime Minister as Chidambaram Ji and Kapil Sibal Ji had said. We cautioned him initially not to drag the debate to such a low level. Wednesday, 8th February, 2017.